Best Beatles Musical In Bucharest Near Me

1. RockShop - Sector 1

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Address: Strada Biserica Enei 14, București 030167, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 21 310 1960

Business type: Music store

RockShop: what do users think?
Florin R: Cds and vinyls at ok prices
Titus Parvu: Great shop and friendly staff. Found records I've been looking for a long time. Also delivery was fast and safe, all records arrived in perfect condition :)
SEALED: I bought a CD album of Dua Lipa - the moonlight edition online and it was properly delivered to my home.The CD had the ORDA label and seal.I consider my first experience with this record store a success.I recommend!
Donut Boi: Best record store in bucharestFairly priced as well
Alex TJJ: Nice, but not much accessories for sale, just vinyls
Nils Holgersson: Poor store, it says on the website that some CDs can be brought to order, but nothing is delivered to you, remove the CDs from the website if you cannot bring them, poor collaboration, I do not recommend, total disappointment
Dan Bezuz: One of the worst dealings I've ever had with a merchant. I place the order online and pay everything with the card, after a week no message, I call ... "Yes, I will send the parcel tomorrow, we are not going to the post office with just a vinyl", the parcel arrives at the post office after another 5 days, there's a surprise, in order to pick it up I had to pay the value of the parcel once more because they filled out the mandate incorrectly, they told me that they would refund the amount I paid with the card but now they don't answer me anymore
Alexandru Arnăutu Vraciu: I felt at home.
Claudiu Calin: You find quality music and the gentlemen there are very kind and will help you with all the required information.
nelu pene: Attila does all the magic with his Rocker locks. For some time, Attila has been replaced by an offering of music on Vinyl unique to Buc.
Catalin Burlacu: Do you want some vinyl or CD with good music? You have reached the right place. Plus jumping people, ready to help you. I strongly recommend!
Ovidiu Cirlugea: The staff is very, very, good, and the sale offer is very good!
viorel ticulescu: Niche shop! Only for enthusiasts!
Horatiu Mihai Preda: Very good music store, I'm rarely like that physically, but I appreciate that it's a different feeling when you buy them physically
Маха: Closed during business hours
opium: Marko, you have a glass
Iana Hajdu: I picked up a package. Very kind and operative.
Constantin Popescu: Good but expensive discs, this is a hobby
Alexandru Porumb: 2 of 2 "new" vinyls but in poor condition. 1 scratched GunsNRoses vinyl - disc skips. 1 double label Stevie Ray vinyl - scratched, dusty.
Iulian Iulian: . Ce pot sa spun... niste profesionisti in ale neprofesionalismului.(Translated by Google
eduard rotaru: Friendly and you can find almost anything.

2. Altex Bucuresti Anchor Plaza Romania - Sector 6

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Altex Bucuresti Anchor Plaza Romania
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Address: Bdul. Timisoara, Nr 26, Anchor Plaza Romania, Etaj -1, București, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +40 21 319 9952

Business type: Appliance store

Altex Bucuresti Anchor Plaza Romania: what do users think?
stefania dima: Ovidiu, super professional. He gave us a lot of details! Congratulations!
Elena Potoroaca: The staff is extremely unprepared and downright mean. I returned to the store to collect my tax free and was refused because one of the customs stamps was "too transparent" and they sent me back to customs for another stamp, which is impossible. I was called a few days later to say that I could come for the money, but it was too late, I'm not coming to Romania anymore. They didn't even tell me that I can receive the money on my bank account by sending a letter to them and I don't have to come to the store anymore!!! Total incompetence, lies and stupidity. And the laptop I bought broke after 7 months, and when I asked about the warranty, they told me that because I did tax free I can't use the warranty in Romania.... again - false. I hope to see you in court
Paul Matei Gavrila: Super ok 😛
Nicoleta Olteanu: I went to them for service to leave an Xbox Wireless Joystick with the box intact, it was left on 18.06 and until today no one called me... I called once on 25.06 to ask about it, and I- they answered in the nose that the deadline is 14 days.. Today I called them to ask if it was ready and after a 15-minute discussion they said that I could go and pick it up... I mention that I have picked up with the box broken and bent... Unserious people... Unfortunately I don't have the option to attach pictures...
Dana M Ungureanu: Very kind employees!
Andrei Conciu: A location where the staff, when recommending a product, in this case JBL in-ear headphones, do not tell you that these are non-returnable products due to care. At the return area, a lady from the district came to tell me that I should have read on the website that these helmets are not returned, that it is their policy, as if there is some law that we are obliged to know. If her colleague didn't tell me, she's sorry, but that's it, stick it and move on. 2 lei employees, only interested in selling. It was the last time I buy from these leaks.
Oana Madalina Ciolac: I would not have offered any stars for the Altex staff in Plaza Romania. He is only interested in reaching the target, not in the client's needs.
Aurora Draghici(Birsan): Ok
Liviu Iordache: Prompti
vasi neagu: The boy who works on the returns is totally overwhelmed, I waited 30 minutes to make a return, on 06/14.
Maria Tache: Products at advantageous prices and a lot of attention from the staff. 😘😘
Miruna Druga: I took the laptop for repair 17 days ago, it being under warranty, only a year has passed since the purchase. I want to mention that in addition to not respecting the maximum 15 days of service, my laptop is also broken, it shuts down every 3 minutes. This situation does not seem normal to me, as long as it was being repaired, and I could not work for so many days. All this shows disinterest and insensitivity to my money and my time.
Gabi Valentin: Great food! I think it is the cleanest and best location in Chiajna!
Mary Marusca: I bought a TV on 23.05.23 it had no defects today 24.05. when it was received it was damaged.. It was received around 21.40.. I am satisfied that on 25.05.2023 I resolved the TV.. Promptness...
Elena Stanculescu: I always find good products in Altex, with good prices. It never disappoints !
R. D: Low price products
mihai balaban: recomand !!!(Translated by Google
Marius Rusu: Very professional employees, diversified merchandise, ok prices.
Emma Anna: It's ok
Cristina Vulpe: Altex is top. For the 2000s. In the age of technology, if you place an order online and pay for it, you can't change anything. You can't even cancel it from the system, on the website or in the application. I wanted to change the delivery method. Impossible. I called the call center and a very nervous young lady told me that it was not possible, in a tone that suggested that I had either disturbed her from her sleep or offended her.Altex, keep learning from others. Change the people, the system and the thinking. The one with "2 times the price back" might not be enough at a given moment. Come with us the rest, in 2023. Respect us.
Marian L: I stayed at home for 10 minutes with the product in my hand while an employee sat at home on a chair engaged in a private telephone conversation. Later he calmed down and took over the value of the product.Boring and rude!!!I don't recommend👎👎

3. Hard Rock Cafe - Sector 1

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Hard Rock Cafe
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Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff nr. 32, București 011343, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +40 754 400 900

Business type: American restaurant

Hard Rock Cafe: what do users think?
Teodora Paraschiv: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Cristian Erre: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
GEORGE alin: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Coaste De PorcMore
Deniz Erdem ÖZALP: 2 people told me there is NO SPACE on the terrace and then when my ftiends came they told them they can make a table at the tereace. Food is as good as always, but no idea how u decid3 n choose who sits on ur precious terraceFood: 5/5|Service: 2/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Amber Lawley: Food was good and the cocktails were yum! The waiters and waitresses were extremely kind and attentive! The location is also lovelyFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Adina Paraschivescu: Unhealthy heavy food, very crowned with only few waiters (they have tried to do their best, they were nice but not enough staff available), the food, drinks were delivered late (food in 45 minutes, drinks in 20 minutes!). Also, the terrace was not hygienic, some mole cricket walking on table.Food: 3/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Constantin Gâza: Beautiful
Alexelu Marinelu: great place to spend time with your friends on a hot summer evening.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Wings, Hot Fudge Brownie, Baby Back Ribs …More
Catalin: All grate:DFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Andrei Vlad Tătar: We got the best service I could hope for at that placeFood: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
אורלי סולומון: היה טעים מאוד, הרבה סבלנות הייתה למלצרית שלנו
Rafael Eduardo Paulin: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Baby Back Ribs, Mac and Cheese Parking space Somewhat difficult to find parking Parking options Paid parking lotMore
Leif Helge Rasmussen: Dette er den fineste og største hard rock cafe jeg har vært på..anbefaler et besøk😁😁
ליאם סולומון: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes מסי המבורגרMore

4. Altex Bucuresti Bucur Obor - Sector 2

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Altex Bucuresti Bucur Obor
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Address: Strada Ziduri Moși 23, București, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +40 21 252 5239

Business type: Appliance store

Livia Lungu: Ff bun
Marius Vasile: Ultima redută. La concurență e ruletă.
Bubu Bubulina: Bogdan 20 Tamama
Daniela Daniela: I am not satisfied with the assembly, otherwise everything is ok!
Adrian Nenciu: Very kind staff, I recommend
Dan Mazilu: Ok. Good prices.
akram hossain: Good
Tania Visan: I am extremely sorry to note that goods with high consumption of electrical energy are being brought, i.e. category D, E, F G.I am a loyal customer, all of them. the appliances were bought from youMaybe in the future you will have an improvement in energy consumption.Clint since 2002Thank you
netbastards: We need Altex
Daniel Lazar: The store is a bit shabby
Dan Petolescu: Good selection of vacuum cleaners. Prices ~20% higher than full price in Canada, but for Romania is ok.
Bogdan Gîlvitu: Tonight I experienced again the professionalism of the Altex team and website, a reservation confirmed by phone, on the website, by email, proved to be in vain.I left home, I'm on my way to pick it up, it has nothing to do with it, I get a call after 20 minutes, I'm told that on the first call with the reservation, I spoke with the people at the headquarters, although the phone from which they called me was exactly the one I had discussed with the sales representative from Obor....
Mudiyanselage Herath: Buy your all electronic needs
Corina Popescu: astronomice - noi am cumparat un frigider la suma de aprox. 5000 lei 😁Vanzatorul a fost ok dar ar fi super daca ar astepta sa isi dea clientul acordul spre tutuire 😊(Translated by Google
Patrik Iulian: cu tatuaje nu accepta alte pareri spunandu i cum imi dau seama ca televizorul specificat de el este anul 2023 s a bașicat pe drepurile mele de a ma informa. Cea mai prosta experienta din viata mea sincer.(Translated by Google
Marioara Dutu: Easy, with friendly and helpful staff with useful pointers. I generally buy from Alex. I just bought a refrigerator and it has arrived, it is working. I also bought a vacuum cleaner, food processor, televisions. Thank you very much and I wish you much success
Gabriela Alexe: We arrived 35 minutes before closing time and even though we decided what we wanted and they didn't have it in the store, they tried to sell us something else, and told us that it was out of stock. They didn't know how to make us leave the store faster.I found it the next day in the store in Orhideea, so there is still the prodisus in the warehouse!I did not like it!
Mihai P: It doesn't look good at all, it looks like a provincial shop from the 90s, you can't find parking and they can't put a sign on the door that says entrance that it's not actually an entrance or take the sticker off if they still decided that entry is no longer through that door.Otherwise, the prices are acceptable compared to the competition.
Mareșalul Antonescu: Although most of the staff are helpful the ladies who work at the cash register are appalling.They have no concept of customer service,they aren't even marginally nice to you when you come to BUY something.I honestly don't understand on which criteria they are hired there.I've worked retail and all I have to say is their behaviour is exactly the opposite the way they should behave in the presence of the customer.
Direct Poetry: Ok-ish , if u dare disturbing the staff

5. Altex Bucuresti Auchan Vitan - Sector 3

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Altex Bucuresti Auchan Vitan
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Address: Calea Vitan, nr. 236, incinta Complex Comercial Auchan, București 031301, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +40 21 348 1521

Business type: Appliance store

Dan Petrescu: Store where you can find a varied range of electrical, electronic and household appliances. Besides these, you can find a wide range of other products. Visit the stores or go to the website. I recommend.
Mihaela Stancu (Eluta): Folositoare.
Nicolae Zaharia: Curat,personal amabil
Manos Paschalakis: Best deals
Vlad Vlad: Un angajat deosebit, Geanina, m a ajutat cu alegerea unui aspirator și un aer condiționat. Mulțumesc!
mihail vornicov: Cam scump
Vergil Gavrilescu: O gamă largă de produse
Ioan Tudorache: Produse din abundență la prețuri de concurență. Deservire exemplară și amabilitate din partea personalului.
Cristi stefan: Diversified products and prices for all pockets. recommended.
Marius Trifu: Alright, nice employees from what I got.
Virgil Mares: Quality products, qualified and kind staff
Iulian Rullz: A pleasant experience with people willing to help. Satisfied
Palade Gologan: Super!
cristi liteanu: Great diversity of products. The prices are varied and for all categories of customers. The employees are professional, friendly and helpful.
kadir adli: take care of everything when you enter, it's a very beautiful thing😊
Nicolae Paun: Products that can be found in most specialty stores. Prices are rising steadily.
Tartor Styx: These little ones have a strength in them when you ask them something...
farzat zoh: E ok
Costel Cozianu: Refrigerators, stoves, air conditioning, TVs,,, pretty much everything you need for the house

6. Altex Bucuresti Sun Plaza Romania - Sector 4

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789 reviews
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Altex Bucuresti Sun Plaza Romania
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Address: Calea Vacaresti, nr. 391, Sun Plaza Mall, nivel -1, București 040055, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +40 31 436 6842

Business type: Electronics store

Altex Bucuresti Sun Plaza Romania: what do users think?
Maksym Tysyachny: Convenient location. There are many items in the assortment, but be prepared that many of them are in a single copy in the window and you will have to wait several days
Elena Galusca: Friendly staff, acceptable prices
Ovi D: I found what I was looking for.
Cristi Derreve: just another altex, service is good, clean enough, helpfull staff
Visan Gabriel: Do not reserve products in the store because they do not bother to see if they are in stock and you are walking around for nothing.
Alex Cristian92: The weakest store, as are the employees. Better yet, all Altex stores are dust, both literally and figuratively.
Himansh Rattan: Nice place to shop
Eliza Ungureanu: nu au vrut sa imi trimita pe email o factura de luna trecuta (emisa pe firma) avand in vedere ca le puteam da telefonic toate detaliile de facturare (Data, numar card orice) trebui sa fac un drum sa imi dea printata acea factura. jenant
Victor Chiriță: Just like any other Altex store
Radu Banu: De obicei nu gasesti pe cineva sa te ajute in magazin - sunt prea dezinteresati. E un haos total acolo aproape oricand te-ai duce. La etajul 1 e un Flanco, sunt putin mai profesionisti oamenii de acolo
Nelu Serban: Super ok!
Petrus Radu Tataie FPV: Best prices... Sometimes they have great discounts
Marius Gabriel Stan-Vlad: The advertised services do not correspond to reality. For same-day delivery of a washing machine, you actually have delivery in about 4 days and without concrete confirmation. Information from the physical store. They covered themselves elegantly by putting some mentions in the terms and conditions section.I have given up purchasing from this store. I purchased the product elsewhere.
AlexaLili92: All you need, you will find it there!
madalina stroie: Very frivolous. "Lady" Roxana and that's all, as she introduced herself, she is rude and speaks badly. He has not the slightest desire to solve customer problems vis-a-vis the orders placed. They took the money for a vacuum cleaner, promising me that it would be sent the next day, this being the condition of buying it, after which I was told that they could not keep the promise. 👎
Symos Valassas: I look at phones through altex
jianu cristian: If you want to ask a question, say that you have a belt with explosives tied in the middle..... You say that someone shouts: "grenade in the middle"!!!! Everyone is running away from customers!!!!
Andras Szekely: There is no 2x the difference campaign. It's just a marketing scam. In reality, they will find any excuse not to return the difference. Better buy where it's cheaper and avoid this marketing scheme.

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