Best Burlesque Classes Bucharest Near Me

1. New Heights Pole Dance Bucharest - Sector 2

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New Heights Pole Dance Bucharest
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Address: Strada Episcopul Radu 15A, București 020751, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Sun

Telephone: +40 770 588 493

Business type: Dance school

New Heights Pole Dance Bucharest: what do users think?
katya savostina: All teachers speak English. The studio is nice, there is a silicone on the pole, which additionally helps not to slip. To each his own teacher, I found my own, very sweet, name is Robin
Laureana Ilaria: I can't say enough good things about this studio! The teachers here are not only highly skilled but also very friendly and helpful. Despite starting with no prior experience, I quickly found myself falling for pole dancing, all thanks to the incredible atmosphere created by the exceptional instructors in both exotic and tricks classes.
Monica Nartescu: Best pole studio! The instructors are the most amazing people ever 💖💖💖
Denisa Agapie: The New Heights team makes me feel at home every time. The instructors are talented and supportive, and they understand every student's limits and potential. I've learned a lot in just three months since I started pole dancing; it has become a passion in which I'm going to invest time and money for a long time. Also, my colleagues are beautiful, strong, respectful, and talented women, and this is empowering. It's a pleasure to practice in such a beautiful environment.
Florentine Andreea: This place is awesome! For me, is my safe Heaven! All the teachers are supporting you a lot to become the best version of you! Many thanks! I love you unconditionally! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mariya Kostyuk: Best pole studio in Bucharest!
Flavia Florea: Best studio in Bucharest
O Octavia: This is a nice place where you can take pole lessons or practice. The teachers are amazing and you can take lessons in English if you want to.
Mara Rosioara: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Andreea Preda: The first time I went to this studio was ~3 years ago, when I could even do a push up. Robyn was extremely patient with me and I learnt a lot from her. I only went to about 8 classes and because of personal reasons I decided to put a pause on this but knowing that at some point I'd like to try again.In December 2021 I went again after a long time and I was amazed that I still remembered some of the stuff Robyn taught me the first time. This time I also was more fit and I could do a lot more moves. The coordination was a problem for me but Robyn had a lot of patience and she explained several times until I finally understood. I really like that she always tells us to try the moves on both sides, which is really important.I've always enjoyed the atmosphere in the studio. One of the most important aspects of this studio is that the poles are covered in silicone which makes it possible to do moves while wearing leggings and a shirt. There is also a changing room that is clean and spacious.
Sue Sevelax: I wish I could give more stars! As a long time poler Robyn's flow and exotic classes are one of the best ones I've been to. What you will encounter with a lot of studios is that they'll teach you spectacular tricks but never really any choreography to put them together or how to look gracious doing it - New heights is the opposite ! Even the warm up is a fun dance. The poles are silicone coated which permits to train fully clothed, is gentler on the skin and helps beginners who have not yet developed muscles hold on and learn the choreo easier. The teacher takes care to adapt the choreography for all skill levels, showing often 2-3 variations to make sure everyone has a chance to succeed. Robyn is very patient and lets each student progress on their own pace and comfort level, always being very careful to explain the different techniques to avoid injury. The community is international and super-friendly and supportive of all ages, shapes/sizes and skill level. Its a place that takes the sport seriously but also a place to have a lot of fun, laugh and feel sexy. If you never tried pole dancing its a great place to start !
Elena Negoita: I highly recommend this pole dance studio. The instructor, Robyn, is one of the best out there. She is patient, well prepared and ready to help! I learned so much from her classes!The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. The studio is clean and cosy.
Iris Opris: My absolute favourite pole studio in Bucharest! I have been consistently training there for over one year now, and Robyn has endless patience in explaining and supporting new students, which helps tremendously, since this sport is not an easy one. However, they will get you from not being able to do a push-up to doing moves you never thought you'd be able to do with calm and diligence. The entire team is made of talented professionals, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. The studio itself is clean and gets lots of sunshine. It is the only studio in the city that features silicone poles, which are great for beginners, as well as those who prefer to do their training in leggings, and also the best place to try heels choreography classes!
Laura Brawn: I had an amazing training session at New Heights. The studio and the ladies are so friendly and whilst I have never trained on silicone poles before it was a great experience to give it a go. The studio is really easy to find I got an uber to the studio and got picked up at 930pm within minutes! I also did an amazing stretch class which I would definitely recommend. Thank you for having me ladies and I will definitely be back when I am next in Bucharest!!!
luiza linte: Super great experience, Robyn is very patient and explains everything in details and adjusts her workouts depending on your training level. These classes are really enjoyable, u get cardio, stretching and strength workouts all in one. Definitely recommend trying.

2. Ecstatic Expansion Dance School - Sector 2

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Address: Strada Pitar Moș Nr. 3, București 030167, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Mon

Telephone: +40 720 328 125

Business type: Dance school

Ecstatic Expansion Dance School: what do users think?
Noemie Pisanu: great dance studio where I felt listened to and where I made great progress
Alina Cernatescu: I leave, every time, charged with great energy from the pool dance class. Ely is always smiling and has the patience to explain my steps or correct my position, but from a place of gentleness. It's a very cool community❤️
Andreea (T): Almost two years ago I started Pole classes and fell in love with this sport which is the perfect way to combine sport with dance and creativity. If you have certain reservations, you should know that this school has students of all ages and shapes and is a very welcoming community, you can try your first class with confidence. Ely is an internationally accredited instructor and will take care to adapt the movements and choreography for your level and in a very pleasant atmosphere. It is in a central location and I confirm that it is possible to pay in cash or by card at the Reception. I warmly recommend Ecstatic Expansion Dance School.💕
Andra D: The two stars are for location and facilities (locker room/changing room+spacious bathroom). Otherwise, I was very disappointed. It's just disrespectful for the client to book more people on the same pole. The client pays full price for half the time. You can only pay beforehand by bank transfer or revolut and not cash or card at the location. Another thing, the instructor I went to (who I will not name) started by showing me and my begginer friend tricks that required a lot of arm strength. Which you cannot expect begginers to have. The warm up was a joke and there was no stretching. All of this facts make any pole action really dangerous and could risk in injury. The atmosphere wasn't the most comfortable either in comparison to the other studio I went to, where I felt really comfortable, like I was between friends.The last thing I will mention is that Ecstatic Expansion studio requires you to bring your own microfibre cloth from home to wipe their poles, which is unprofessional. If they want you to use a certain material to wipe their poles, they should provide it.I hope they improve.
Mada Cara: Awesome experience and workout, dance or just good vibes. Started going for pole classes with the intent to get in good shape, worked like a charm. Good classes and Ely is a great teacher. She’s fun, funky and puts you in a good mood. All teachers are super fun and i absolutely live the pole classes
Alexia Maria: The atmosphere is exceptional! I take belly dance classes with Cristina, from whom I learned many new things. Later I started the pole class with Ely and I felt extraordinary. I highly recommend this dance school!
Ioana Gheorghe: Love this school. I do pole tricks with Ely, a very dedicated dance instructor. Ely is attentive to the students, has a sense of humor and is the kind of instructor who fills you with energy and good vibes. I am sure that all the other instructors of the school show the same attention and dedication that make you advance easily and safely.
GG: The pole art classes with Ely are amazing. She is an amazing teacher and you ll feel confortable no matter how much anxiety you have.Good for kids too.
Moana Nicolau: Amazing school, amazing pole art classes and teachers ❤️
Angelina Celic: I just love this place ❤
Patricia Arbanas: Lovely dance school! They have multiple types of dances and passionate teachers.I resonated most with Eli's pole class, and it is an absolute pleasure, I love it! There is lots of positive energy and Eli herself spreads a vibe that for me resembles one that I associate with a fairy. Dancing fairy 😊It is great no matter the level of fitness, age, and body shape, or if you are male or female and the clases are split and built to ensure proper training for the level each has.I also really like how it normalizez body acceptance, and overcoming certain societal preconceptions, while having a lovely time. Also, for those interested in doing it professional, Eli trains those who become more advanced, in order to participate to championships.
Simona Georgiana Bulandra: An unique experience!!! Kind staff, extraordinary conditions!!! I like it a lot!
Claudia Rizzo: I consider myself to be a very lazy person, I hate sports, sweating and making physical effort. Even so, I always wanted to learn pole art and it's been a month and a half at Ecstatic Expansion so far.I learned a lot of things, developed a new hobby, and my physical shape already got better. Looking forward to the next lesson.
Loredana Serbanoiu: I love it...everything..atmosphere, teacher, everybody is very nice and friendly
Costin Alex: Excellent school, thanks especially to Mrs. Daniela.
Cristina Vochițoaia: Nice atmosphere with wonderful women ❤️ It's a pleasure to dance here
Miloi Mădălina Mihaela: corpul meu a început să prindă forme mai feminine, să fie mai ferm, mai elastic, mai putermic. Rezultatele le văd atât când mă uit în oglindă, cât și în starea mea de spirit care e clar îmbunătățită.(Translated by Google
Gabriela Moreno Ruiz: Great place, beautiful studio, knowledgeable instructor!! Can’t wait to get back!
natalia petrache: Dynamic and cheerful classes, a fantastic team of dance trainers, ultra-central location on Magheru, hall with mirrors and balcony. I felt great. Thanks a lot!
Mihaela Georgescu: This is a great place for pole dancing and the only place in Romania to find a Partyrobics class (= dancing + fitness + clubbing atmosphere) 👌
oio: This is an excellent dance school. If you want to learn to dance, have fun, relax and make friends, this is the place to be. Highly recommend for its professional instructors and great atmosphere.

3. Arthur Murray Bucharest - Sector 1

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Arthur Murray Bucharest
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Address: Etaj 2, Str. Nicolae G. Caramfil 87, București 040231, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1PM Mon

Telephone: +40 722 876 876

Business type: Dance school

Arthur Murray Bucharest: what do users think?
Mihail Bogdan Tanase: A pleasant place.


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415 reviews
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Address: Bulevardul Bucureștii Noi nr 48, București 012362, Romania

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +40 766 526 748

Business type: Wedding venue

BURLESQUE EVENTS: what do users think?
Ballroom Taraf: I supported a wedding with wonderful people, the staff and the exceptional location
Adriana Toma: Here perfection is intertwined with a wonderful team of professionals!
OLDSCHOOL 4MotionAim !: The owners of the place are top 10 people, the staff is very good, chefs who know how to pamper your taste buds!
Paula: Amazing service and people
mihail stefan: A superb location that comes bundled with the highest quality services, exceptional food with a perfect taste. Very professional staff with a rare elegance, thank you Burlesque!!
Monica Florea: As a guest in this superb restaurant, I can only say that I was pleasantly impressed from the moment I entered. From the gorgeous decor, delicious food and impeccable service. With 15 events in the last year, I can say with my hand on my soul that it was the first place where I liked absolutely everything. We will definitely be back for our own event.
Serban Ganta: Superb location, excellent food, super professional staff... I recommend with all confidence...
Vasile Dogaru: The salon is beautiful, elegant, airy but the toilets leave something to be desired, bent faucets in the bathroom, paper holders without paper, a roll of paper thrown on a counter. Of course, people destroyed it, but the administrator must also take measures. On the invitation it says secured parking and when you arrive you realize that there is a problem with the parking plus that the entrance is through the gas station space.
Carmen Nicolaescu: Congratulations for your professionalism. Everything was superlative. We enjoyed wonderful moments surrounded by responsible people. Congratulations to the kitchen staff. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dorina Dima: A dream location! The food is super good!
Silvia Baboiu: Great location. I had a wedding with about 160 people in the Blanche salon. Very good food, excellent service, and the manager was super ok. He helped us a lot and organized all the special moments very well.
Diana Niculaie: The unforgettable restaurant. Everything is superlative, the atmosphere, the service, the cleanliness. P.S. They have the most delicious sweets!❤❤❤❤👍👍
los89 Gaming: A superb restaurant, a wonderful team, extraordinary service and food. Professionalism was seen!I recommend with confidence!
Andrei Cristian: Top location, extraordinary service, team made up only of professionals!!I had a dream wedding!I recommend with confidence
Adrian Popa: I warmly recommend, 1000 grade staff!
Vasile Ion: Burlesque Events is the ideal place where you can organize wedding parties, baptisms, weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.
Aly Golban: I wanted to thank you for a successful event. The collaboration with Stelian and Alina was a successful one. The serving services, the food were very good. Our wishes and requests were taken into account throughout the event. I warmly recommend the restaurant.
Cristian Dinca: Superb location, excellent service and extraordinary food. I will definitely do an event there. Thank you for everything!
Florina Enache Bolohan: Very satisfied, I will always come back with pleasure
Valentina Dodan: A very well organized New Year's Eve, a menu and an exceptional atmosphere, everything was wonderful!!We will come back with love
Diana Gabriela: Everything superlative!

5. Centrul Național al Dansului București - Sector 3

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198 reviews
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Centrul Național al Dansului București
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Address: Bulevardul Mărășești 80-82, București 030167, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 21 318 8676

Business type: Dance hall

Centrul Național al Dansului București: what do users think?
Șeler Florin: Nu stiu
Bit River: Superb!
Oana Maria: Great shows, special people
Cami Sterie: A discreet location, an elegant auditorium, fascinating shows.
Ioana Ciocirlan: Such a beautiful and peaceful place; here in all the surrounding chaos, an oasis of meaning and justification!
Sorocean Andrei: Nice place with a lot of events if you like contemporary dance
Elena Dobre: Dancing classes for kids and adults. Modern style venue. Contemporary dance.
Gabriela Niculescu: A special show, full of sensitivity and expression. Val and the city of souls.
Jean-Francois Herbecq: Super
GamerulInfinit LaboredAlexandru2017: Ok
Vicky: "Daughters" - a show that impressed me. I recommend.
Paweł Zawadzki: Comfortable place for viewers of BIDFF.
Ileana Ionita: Very welcoming.
Sonia Carmona Tapia: Great place. Culture.
oio: Good place for contemporary dance1
MJ&C: Very cool people, my child is happily attending contemporary dance classes
Stefan Streche: recommend
Alexandru-Valentin ION: I am glad to have this space for cultural expression. Fortunately, the activities are many and varied. Unfortunately, the space is not big enough.
Roexpo Romania: A very beautiful location for a show made by children. The hall is small but the chairs are placed high enough so that the feeling is of a large hall. The sound system is good, they also have a projector. If you want to organize a celebration-show, I recommend you to try. There are not many parking spaces in the area, but the yard is spacious and welcoming, with benches and a place to park bicycles. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and makes you want to come again. Congratulations!
Dieter RO: a large and a small dance hall, the floor could be more elastic
Florin Matei: Nice

6. Ballet Art - Sector 5

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38 reviews
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Ballet Art
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Address: Strada Doctor Niculae D. Staicovici nr. 4, București, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM Mon

Telephone: +40 723 225 538

Business type: Ballet school

Ballet Art: what do users think?
Bogdan Mihai Ghita: Professionals, excellent teachers, very careful with children. Congratulations to those involved!
Simo Dvd: The perfect place for anyone who wants to learn piano, classical or contemporary ballet, both for a future career and as a hobby.Good luck!
Teo Dumitrescu: One of the greatest Ballet schools in Bucharest with warm and healthy care for children. Biyearly shows Organized with unique outfits on notorious stages in town. Simply extraordinary. Thank you.
ilie aurelian: Positive:ProfessionalismImplicare si devotament!
Gabriela Deoanca: Mult profesionalism, performanță, calitate, caldura, dragoste pentru dans!
George Tudose: Positive:Professionalism
Luiza Craiu: An absolutely wonderful place with amazing teachers. Truly a ballet academy, where it is taught with consummate professionalism, where performance ballet is a main objective, but also a place where children can discover a passion for dance or piano, they can discover self-confidence and courage, because they are offered all opportunities to achieve these things.
Roxana Croitoru: A wonderful school from all points of view. Super professionalism on the part of the teachers and management.A private ballet school where high level ballet is actually taught.
Andreea Z: Critical:Communication,Professionalism
Hary Radu: Thanks girl...
Sorin Vilcea: The teachers are top 10. My child adapted immediately. I recommend!!!
Bianca Preda: Accessible location for those who live in the center of Bucharest, with very good teachers. I recommend the ballet performances that they organize during the holidays. Very nice!
Mihai Vlad: True professionals!
Laëtitia Bucari: They are absolutely mean with people!! Don't recommend them at all!! Find another class of ballet!

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