Best Cognitive Behavioral Therapies In Bucharest Near Me

1. Clinica TheMIND - Sector 5

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Clinica TheMIND
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Address: Strada Ana Davila nr. 13, București 050491, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +40 21 781 2259

Business type: Mental health clinic

Clinica TheMIND: what do users think?
May C: Thank you to all the team for their kindness, especially Dr. Radu who's been of a great help. I would recommend for sure ! You will be in good hands. Also thank you to Matei for his guidance !
Nora Ionita: The best decision I made this year is the psychiatrist Radu Florescu. That is, the decision to go to a specialist to help me return to a state where I can recognize myself. To become myself again, after some years that were quite hard to bear and that changed me.It's fantastic how he was able to organize my story and propose solutions. For every concern, he would come up with explanations, with examples that he would draw and then leave with the photo of the graphic explanations that I could always refer back to. Wonderful to begin to understand what is happening to you and to trust a treatment that you do not question. Because this doctor is not willing to resort to "pills" unless it becomes clear that there is a real need.I read a comment from a lady who was upset that she was interrupted and didn't have time to tell her story. Allow me to relate – I was also interrupted a few times. But do you know why? Because if it was up to me, I would have told for five hours. People who choose to see a psychiatrist have complex stories. Or, he knew that we had 60 minutes in which to try to understand the situation but also to detect some routes that would lead to a diagnosis! How could he do that if only the patient is talking??!One of the differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that the psychologist fixes the software and the psychiatrist fixes the hardware – it's my own definition, I don't know how correct it is. In other words, the story is one thing, and its impact on our psyche is another. The story can be unraveled with the help of a psychotherapist. Hitting the psyche and restoring a balance of "chemistry" in the brain is the role of the psychiatrist.I felt the need to counter the negative views by recounting my own experience.If I recommend the psychiatrist Radu Florescu? Yes without hesitation. He is a professional specialist, who likes what he does and who rejoices with me when the results are good. The proof is that he insists that we see each other less and less, and I insist on coming more often, because I feel understood and helped. That's what we all want, right?
Ani Ciu: I arrived with my mother at this clinic, at Dr. Radu Florescu, in a difficult moment, when the treatment prescribed by another doctor was not working. Having other medical problems with which a correlation had to be made, I benefited both from the due patience and from the explanations in choosing the future treatment. Each time we were explained the mechanism by which the body should respond in order to be in tune with what follows.I am writing this review thinking -first of all- of those who need it and secondly of the doctor and the clinic for which we convey our appreciation and thanks.
Elena-Cristina: Hello everyone! Today I want to share my experience at The Mind clinic with Mr. Radu Floresc. This month marks one year since I have been under your supervision and I can say that I am super satisfied. I would like to point out that I previously consulted specialists from England and another lady doctor from Romania and had disastrous results following the prescribed treatments. When I arrived at Mr. Radu Florescu, I was in a deplorable state, but now I am a completely different person, full of life, energetic, very positive, plus I no longer have other symptoms that depression gives me, and that's only thanks to your professionalism, exceptional training and patience he proved. Always willing to listen to my problems, he prescribed the appropriate treatment for my situation. I recommend everyone to trust The Mind clinic and Mr. Radu Florescu, from me he has a score of 10+ 🤗 Thanks also to the ladies at the reception, always very nice 😘. Good health to everyone 😘💐🥂
Diana Suciu: I was very pleased with the services offered, especially by Dr. Radu Florescu. I recommend!
Miruna Vasilescu: I had an appointment with Dr. Florescu. A disaster. He didn't listen to me until the end, he didn't let me finish my sentences, I kept trying to explain my problem to him and he replied "leave these.. .". He imposed a surface diagnosis on himself, avoiding going deep, in a completely arrogant and empathetic way. Abruptly, rudely, he interrupted the meeting to talk on the phone.Taking into account the fact that I was asked to give the money up front and initiate the call for the online consultation, I assume that this clinic offers escort services and the only motivation of its employees is financial. I gave a lap of money to be treated like in the northern station.L.E.: Following this review, I was asked to speak with the clinic manager, Angi Ionescu. On the phone, the lady told me how troubled she was by my review, how troubled her colleagues and Mr. Florescu were too. Extremely disturbed all of you. She wanted to specify that she does not resort to paid reviews and that my review is, however, a black mark for all colleagues, not just for Mr. Florescu. He thanked me for my time and said he wanted to know my experience. I replied that I wasn't listened to and that my mouth was closed with "leave it ma'am" when I was trying to explain my symptoms. The lady assured me that Mr. Florescu is very well trained and that some even appreciate the familiarity with which he treats his patients, that we all have worse days and that it was just bad luck. She asked me if she could give me another free consultation because she was willing to "put ashes in her head". I refused. She told me that she takes these things very seriously, I replied that this is NORMAL for her to take them. He repeated to me the story of the stress that Mr. Florescu following my review and that he was really "put in the meeting". I told him that my intention was not to harm anyone, the answer was "well that happened". What I understood from this phone call is that Mr. Florescu and the whole team suffered enormous stress because of my review, that I could be offered, if I wanted, a free consultation, and that this kind lady who assured me that she wanted to hear me and understood my experience spoke much more than me.
ELENA COŞOVEANU: I highly recommend
gheorghiu camelia: Amazing clinic
Rodica Cristina: professionalism!
Anca Ad: Helpful people, I had a great experience. They are focused on making you self reliant, not dependant on the sessions. Would definitely recommend them!
Catalin Paravat: A clinic of professionals with tailor-made services. Right from the reception you realize that you are in the right place, I came to them at a very difficult moment in my life after months of suffering not understanding what was happening to me. After a few weeks, life was already returning to normal thanks to the support and expertise offered by the doctors at The Mind. If you expect them to work miracles, you will obviously be disappointed, doctors do the right thing as long as you are willing to make the necessary effort and follow their advice. I can't say what concerns the entire team, but Mr. doctor Radu Florescu and Mr. Dr. Matei Stanculescu are definitely some specialists that I will gladly recommend.
Maria Oancea: 3. Profesionalismul lasa de dorit - ar trebui sa vă îngrijiți de aceasta imagine publica, evaluări, si parerile clienților. Pt ca imaginea pe care voi înșivă vi-o faceți, îndepărtează si alți potențiali clienți.(Translated by Google
Ana Cozma: I was warmly welcomed from the first interaction to schedule the first session. Thank you!
Bogdan Marin: Great place with helpful people!
Roberta Georgescu: I chose to go to this clinic instinctively, without being influenced by the less pleasant experiences that other people have had, and it was the best decision. After a consultation with Dr. Radu Florescu, I received the recommendation to start psychotherapy sessions, without the pressure of choosing someone from the clinic, which I did, being extremely satisfied with the discussion we had.The psychotherapist I chose is Cristian Lavric; the sessions flow naturally, like when you are talking to a friend, the great advantage being that they help you overcome anxieties, fears and phobias.From a logistical point of view, they are very well organized, I am always reminded of the next appointment, via sms or email.I would definitely recommend and have recommended both the clinic and Cristian.
Ioana gee: The experience with this clinic was very positive. People are very nice. Both the people at the reception who were always nice and helped me with everything I needed, as well as the doctors I went to. I highly recommend DR. LARISA WILLHAMMER who is a doctor and a wonderful man. He helped me with my anxiety issues and was always there when I needed to ask him a question.
Adina MI: I worked well with Andreea and The Mind. They were the right people at the right time and thanks to them I am much, much better. I have reduced the number of sessions at the therapist's recommendation and will continue as long as I feel the need.
L Florentin: I was redirected by the reception staff to Dr. Mircea Zgardau. The experience so far is a very good one. I also recommend the clinic and the doctor's services!
Florin Florian: Special people, professionals, were of great help to me.Thank you for the help.
Magda Coso: For me it was a good experience and I liked the professionalism of the staff. I highly recommend them!
D.: If you're in an acute cycle of anxiety, going there is a very bad idea. The "doctor" increased my anxiety on purpose during the first session and I left in some kind of panicked trance. At home I experienced one of the worst attacks of anxiety, agoraphobia and self hate I've ever had. I didn't go back there and I'm scared of looking for a new doctor because the aftermath of this experience was like being in hell.

2. Id Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center - Sector 1

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Id Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center
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Address: Strada Naum Râmniceanu 23, București, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 751 202 272

Business type: Mental health service

Id Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center: what do users think?
Ion Ion: Hello, I also read reviews before going to see the doctor and I was skeptical, not knowing if it would work in my case, but the therapy sessions were very useful. I flew alone, something that seemed impossible to me, and I largely managed to control my emotions through the techniques I learned. I have already planned the second vacation in which I will go by plane. Thank you
Roxana Totir: I started the therapy for the fear of flying not being completely convinced that the simulation in VR will help a lot in reality, but to my surprise it really worked. At first it was difficult and as soon as I found out that at the end of the sessions I had to take a flight alone, I didn't think I would ever succeed. Instead, I was surprised that the experience was not as bad as I expected, and I even managed to be relaxed, as I was in VR. I am very grateful to Nadia for the way of working and the trust she instilled in me.
Ana Maria: , ca lipsa de experienta clinica a doamnei Gorduza e vizibila, ca interactiunea e mai mult decat superficiala (aceasta lovindu-se de comportamentele manifestate si neincercand sa inteleaga fondul
Florin Enceanu: I started counseling for the fear of flying, telling Mrs. Gorduza that I don't believe in this story, to overcome this fear through a VR therapy. As one is the real flight and the other is a simulation.How did everything go on?First of all, he won my trust from day one, thanks to his experience and the way he approaches everything. The dance training as a doctor and the accreditations obtained in Italy and the USA were fully felt.Then, after I finished the last module, I also took part in the first flight, a flight in which the sensations experienced were exactly like those in the simulation. No panic attacks or any notable problems. This after a year ago, just passing by the airport and imagining myself in a plane, made me feel terrible, thinking then that I would never fly.I recommend with all confidence to all people who suffer from aerophobia.
Marius Niculae: There are very few people who mark your life! For me, Nadia is one of them. After 8 years of seeing the world only from friends' vacation pictures, I succeeded!I flew to Tenerife, 6 hours, with my family, without any problem. If before I was only afraid when I thought I would buy the plane tickets, now I don't have any problem.You are doing wonderful things and thanks to the techniques I learned I was able to get over this block!Thank you Nadia! 🙏🙏🙏
adrian marin: Hello! Although I was skeptical about VR because I thought it wouldn't be able to simulate flight, I was pleasantly surprised to find out, even from the first sessions, that it places you exactly where you need to be: in the plane.😁The experience is amazing! Each element of VR activates your body's defense mechanism, which, during the sessions, accustoms you to what flying an airplane will mean. And not a hectic flight, but even a quiet one full of joy that you manage to overcome the moments that I thought were tense.Ms. Gorduza Nadia: Hats off! A man with limitless patience and special training. He knew at each stage which "buttons" to press to make me gain confidence that everything will be fine during the flight. And so it was.I highly recommend the program!Congratulations and thank you madam!Dear friends, trust that you can fly peacefully after this program!
Tania Dimache: Nadia helped me and my partner rediscover ourselves, and our relationship and brought us closer since we were both on auto-pilot for a while. We remembered why we love each other and why we are partners. The therapy and the work that we did during the sessions (exercises, discussions, questionnaires) gave us the tools to overcome tense discussions and how to better navigate conflicts that appear in any relationship. Nadia is empathetic and very open-minded, I never felt judged or misunderstood I am happy that now I can listen better to my partner's needs, and I have more patience and understanding
Popovici Ovidiu: Learning to deal with my fear of flying has changed my life. Thank you Nadia Gorduza for the amazing Virtual Therapy program that you put together. For the first time I am truly able to enjoy traveling and hope that I will visit all of the amazing places i've dreamed about. I never thought I could go from terrible fear to almost no anxiety on a flight in such a short time. Not to mention...the things I learned about anxiety and the techniques mastered during the session...I am now using to deal with fear in all other areas of my life!
Irina Gaspar-Huthoff: I contacted Id Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center at the recommendation of a friend and I could not be more grateful for everything that happened since the first online meeting. Our work together facilitated a better understanding of my self and my partner and the whole process brought us closer together like never before. We have work to do, of course, however everything seems suddenly easier and very much achievable. Nadia Godruza is a true professional and she is very personable and emphatic at the same time. She made me feel safe and understood throughout the whole process and this helped md open up like never before. I would have no hesitation recommending Nadia and her services to anyone in need! It's not magic, it's science, and it helps!
teodor tuca: Thank you to Dr. Nadia Gorduza for the applied therapy sessions, very effective and with great results in a short time.The exercises learned during the dance sessions were a real help to me and taught me to manage difficult situations much better and those outside my comfort zone.
Elena Luisa Niculescu: , le puteți descarca de pe site-ul ID therapy.După îndelungi cautari și ani pierduți, am întâlnit un adevărat și de calitate OM, un PSIHOTerapeut!Multumesc!(Translated by Google
Pop Roxana: If you want to check your instinct, intuition, empathy, if you need in your profession to understand others beyond what they want to convey to you, I recommend the face-reading course with Ms. Dr. Nadia Gorduza, who radically changed my way of perceiving the people around me and even myself.Thank you so much ID THERAPY BESPSPOKE TREATMENT CENTER for everything I've learned and for repeatedly telling me that "I'm good" at this 😊
Zsombor Vajda: Hi,Thank you very much Nadia for the support and help regarding my fear of flying. It's been over 20 years since I never flew and even until then, I was flying with serious panic attacks that just paralyzed me!What happened this year to me was a real miracle... I flew to Japan!!!I couldn’t believe that only after 10 sessions of therapy and exposure to virtual reality I will fly again!20 years ago I decided that I will not fly again.... and here I am. Flying and enjoying long-haul flights.Thnx Nadia
Vladut Neacsu: I used the services of this clinic for psychological assessment and couples therapy using the Gottman method. My wife and I were counseled by Nadia Gorduza in a marathon series of focused sessions over the course of a week.I resorted to this solution at a time when I felt that conflicts between us were occurring far too often and that they were putting more and more pressure on our relationship. Each of us has had coaching or individual therapy experiences in the past, and now we were looking for something as applied to relationships as possible with as much scientific research support as possible.First of all, Nadia was a professional who made us feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. He understood our couple dynamics, our individual challenges, and provided us with explanations and solutions to better understand the situations and solutions at hand.Second, the Gottman method itself is a very pragmatic and logical approach to dealing with difficulties in a couple. The therapy support was very useful, relevant and with an impact felt very quickly.Thirdly, but with just as much importance, I want to mention that the logistical support provided by Catălina, the office manager, was very helpful in planning this treatment in a fairly short time. We were able to set up meetings and appointments remotely, from outside the country.This whole process also meant a financial effort, but it was well worth it. I left with a very powerful and useful skill set. The results were immediately visible and we left very confident and satisfied. We can't wait to come back for occasional fine-tuning sessions.We highly recommend these people!
Cristina Rotariu: Nadia Gorduza is an expert, in all relationships aspects. During our discussions she always managed to provide a rational perspective, find a key to unlock the main issue and provide advice and tools to solve the problem and move on.
Elena Dragomir: Nadia is a remarkable character judge and an outstanding body language decipher, being able to unearth your darkest traits towards light and gently expose and tame your innermost abysmal daemons.She utterly saved my family, my life, my soul.You will be treated without prejudice and judgmental attitude, but fair and firm.Go there with an open mind and an even more open heart! And if you can’t, go there anyway! Nadia will open them for you.
Neicu Florentina: , la administrarea de calmante pe baza de plante inaintea zborului..Nu functiona nimic..In momentul in care se declansa atacul de panica iar eu eram in avion, pentru mine incepea calvarul, efectul calmantului administrat la imbarcare era nul..A venit insa momentul in care, datorita job ului trebuia sa ajung la Dublin la o conferinta unde prezenta mea era absolut obligatorie. M am inspaimantat din nou..cum ajung acolo? Un zbor de 4 (PATRU
Catalin Toncea: pe atunci
RAMONA Trifanescu: .Am început terapia in ianuarie 2019, la 30 de ani, cu gândul că am pierdut prea mult din cauza acestei temeri. Recunosc ca, deși voiam sa fac acest pas, nu eram atât de încrezătoare ca o sa pot face asta si ca terapia o sa ma ajute. Mereu imi spuneam ca e virtual, subconștientul mea stie asta si nu ajung sa experimentez senzatiile reale. Dar m-am înșelat, terapia m-a ajutat enorm; subconștientul considera simularea reală.Nu am zburat niciodată până am inceput terapia, nu am avut o experiență traumatizantă, pur si simplu imi era groaza de gândul de a fi in aer, fara niciun control.Cu fiecare sedinta de terapie, totul devenea mai familiar si nivelul anxietatii era minim. Miercuri am avut ultima sesiune de terapie, iar joi testul final :
Elena Albu: I recommend Dr. Nadia Gorduza!!!! I finally got rid of my airplane phobia... A few months ago it set in after a turbulent flight from America and this virtual therapy in just a few sessions worked wonderfully!! The sessions they were efficient and, of course, with a lot of professionalism and quality services, the final result was reached, i.e. zero anxiety. I am glad from the bottom of my heart that I called on Mrs. Dr. Nadia Gorduza, a special person without whom I would not have succeeded!! Now I I enjoy 10-hour flights without any problem.... Don't hesitate to use this fast and efficient virtual therapy, don't let fear defeat you and keep traveling by plane!!
George Ivan: Therapy against the fear of flying successfully. In addition to the specific working methods, I would also mention the soothing atmosphere that somehow prepares you for the virtual reality therapy session. I highly recommend the therapy with Mrs. Nadia Gorduza.

3. PsihoHelp - Sector 1

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Address: Șoseaua Nordului, Sat Francez 114-140, București 014131, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +40 749 353 533

Business type: Psychologist

PsihoHelp: what do users think?
Maria Dinu: I am grateful to the therapist at the Psihohelp clinic, for the support given in discovering my own identity and in building authentic relationships with the dear people in my life.
Traistaru Irina: Together with the therapist from Psihohelp I discovered what it means to be a mother and a woman at the same time, so that I can enjoy the good things in my life.
George Preoteasa: Quality services and a professional approach!

4. Psiholog Zamfirescu Doina Ileana sector 6 - Sector 6

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Psiholog Zamfirescu Doina Ileana sector 6
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Address: Str. Virtutii, nr.20, bl.R11F, București 061081, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +40 720 165 149

Business type: Psychologist

Psiholog Zamfirescu Doina Ileana sector 6: what do users think?
Nely Vasilescu: Doamna Doina Zamfirescu, un profesionist desăvârșit, un om extraordinar, un om care te ascultă de fiecare dată când ai nevoie.Am colaborat cu doamna Zamfirescu mult timp.Îi mulțumesc din suflet pentru ajutorul acordat fiului meu. O recomand cu mare drag !
Alina C.: Dupa multe ore de terapie cu alti specialisti in care efectele benefice au fost pe termen scurt, intr-un moment in care atacurile de panica si anxietatea imi controlau din nou viata, iar mari sperante ca voi schimba vreodata aceste trairi nu aveam, am primit o recomandare si am inceput terapia cu doamna Zamfirescu. Nu m-a facut sa ma simt confortabil; m-a facut sa-mi pun intrebari incomode, m-a ajutat sa aflu unde gasesc raspunsurile, mi-a dat incredere sa accept si sa-mi depasesc limitele. Metaforic spus, m-a luat de mana si mi-a dat incredere ca pot lumina partea mea intunecata. M-a ajutat sa pun reflectoarele pe ce trebuie si ii sunt recunoascatoare pentru progresul meu. Este un profesionist care nu se opreste din invatat si descoperit, are o gandire contemporana, nu uniformizeaza pacientii, ci personalizeaza metodele alese si este deschisa la alternative. Firea ei calma si capacitatea remarcabila de a asculta activ o fac sa fie terapeutul perfect pe care sa-l pastrezi alaturi chiar si atunci cand nu ai o problema specifica si vrei doar sa fii ascultat si ghidat. Chapeau, doamna Zamfirescu!
Daria Bratianu: Am ajuns la doamna psihoterapeut intr-o perioada foarte grea pentru mine si dansa mi-a redat treptat speranta, mi-a aratat cum sa trec peste anumite stari, m-a invatat sa privesc toate situatiile din diferite perspective, m-a invatat ce este rabdarea, empatia si o viziune pozitiva din toate punctele de vedere. Pentru asta ii multumesc!
Alin Pauncev: Personalitate calma si primitoare. Explica bine. Recomand persoanelor care vor sa se simta primiti si ascultati.
Radu Cristea: Profesionalism, dedicare, implicare. Mulțumesc pentru orele de calitate petrecut împreună din care am avut multe de învățat și care îmi vor fi de un real folos în viitor.
Kemal Ozgur Basara: Recomand cu caldura! Este o persoana empatica, deschisa si foarte bun ascultator. M-am simtit confortabil in discutiile pe care le-am avut.
Robin Joanna: Daca aveam nevoie de sfaturi generaliste de pe Google, ramaneam cu Google-ul. Empatie 0, bazata pe principiul "esti stresat? Nu-ti mai face griji si ganduri si gata, ti-a trecut!". Uau. Si cum ar trebui sa ajute asta pe cineva, pe oricine?
Irina: Doamna Zamfirescu este un psiholog formidabil si o persoana deschisa, placuta, cu simtul umorului.Dupa ce am avut viata data peste cap de genul de eveniment care iti imparte viata in "inainte" si "dupa", eram complet debusolata si depresiva. Cand depresia a ajuns sa ma afecteze si fizic intr-un mod drastic, am apelat la doamna Zamfirescu. Incet, incet, cu ajutorul esential al doamnei psiholog, am iesit din gaura neagra in care ma aflam.O recomand cu tarie.
VRIK: Am avut o experienta extrem de placuta! Sunt extraordinar de multumita cum am reusit sa imi inving insomniile si sa imi imbunatatesc semmnificativ calitatea somnului!O recomand cu drag pe d-na Doina Zamfirescu
DANIELA MATEI: I had an extraordinarily good experience through the therapy with Mrs. Dr. Zamfirescu, who helped me to return to normal with my sleep and regain my balance. For months I was sleeping only with pills and I really thought it was a chronic problem, with no hope of remedy. Through empathy and professionalism, the dance managed to make me discover myself, to better control my thoughts and thus to be able to sleep naturally. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to work with dance, that he supported me and that he gave me valuable advice that I was able to apply. I wholeheartedly recommend her and I thank her for all the good she has done for me.
Raluca Vasile: If you are an indecisive person, you don't know if you will feel at ease, if not it is just money thrown out the window, like what can therapy with a psychologist help you anyway, but you still feel that you need help.I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Doina Zamfirescu.He is a professional like I have not met many times, who will listen to you every time you need him and who will not judge you under any circumstances.I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all these years in which he helped me mature emotionally and develop as a woman and mother.
Sorina T: I came to Mrs. Doina Zamfirescu through a recommendation, after I had experienced therapy with other psychotherapists and had lost hope that this kind of intervention can offer real solutions. Mrs. Zamfirescu understood the mechanisms of the problems from the first meeting and I felt that finally someone is speaking in my language about anxiety and I am not being told the eternal "but why are you afraid, you have no reasons, you are not brave". A one-year therapeutic course followed in which I not only balanced my anxiety, but also my thinking about life itself, a fact that helped me make good choices on several levels. I developed strategies to prevent myself from going deeper into anguish and I could always return to Mrs. Zamfirescu when I felt that I needed an extra validation. From my point of view, such a healthy anchor built by working together with a professional psychotherapist and well fixed can bring you to the shore from the fiercest storms.
Cristina Anghel: During the sessions with the psychologist, I found not only a professional, but also an involved person, willing to help you with any problem, beyond those of a psychological nature. I have been your patient for a year and a half, during which time I managed to unearth things from the past that affected me on all levels, to realize the influence of the subconscious on me, and I also managed to build, together with dance, an effective system to prevent unpleasant situations. In the most honest way, I can say that I managed to regain the strength and confidence to be able to easily overcome the challenges and that only now I can explore my maximum potential. For me the experience of dance therapy was life changing and I wholeheartedly recommend her consultation for any problem that may bother you.
8tav Sonia Kalman: I was Mrs. Zamfirescu's patient and I could, perhaps, have whole novels to write about the experiences lived with her, but what is most important to mention is the fact that nowhere have I encountered so much empathy and so much professionalism in one person.In addition to having a human side that is hard to match, he was able to direct me towards goals that I thought were long lost or missed.It is difficult to experience anxiety or depression, especially when you are faced with the feeling of not being understood or of not finding your place anywhere, but all these disappeared from one session to another, in my case.Little by little I learned how to perceive life differently and how to react to impediments in ways that, although I risk repeating myself, I thought were impossible in my case.I would recommend the sessions with Mrs. Zamfirescu anytime and to anyone, because the process of self-discovery and rethinking was the most beautiful thing that happened in the last years of my life, and I'm glad that I always had a suitable help by my side.
Alex Telehoi: For about 2 years I was Mrs. Zamfirescu's patient; luckily i stopped in time.I don't want to be ungrateful and say that it didn't help me at all during this time, but the rut I had entered in the last months of this so-called therapeutic process was slowly but surely leading me to total mental breakdown, so that I feel compelled not to recommend it.I was lucky with a fellow master's student, who happens to be a therapist and university assistant in the Faculty of Psychology, who made me understand, following the presentation of the facts, that Ms.'s way of working. Zamfirescu is totally unprofessional, inadequate and that, definitively, she is not trained as a psychologist.If you have made it this far, it means that the situation is not very rosy for you, but this is the first step towards healing. But I would strongly suggest that you go the extra mile and find someone who really knows what they are doing.Whether it was her incompetence, indolence, her own love, a love that only Alexander the Great would have liked, or who knows what else, apart from what my colleague mentioned, it no longer matters to me, but I would sincerely feel sorry for you to go through something similar to my situation.All the best!

5. Cabinet Individual de Psihologie Roxana Nicolau - Sector 4

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Address: 040212, Parter, Interfon 104, Calea Șerban Vodă 66, București, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue

Telephone: +40 723 607 490

Business type: Mental health service

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