Best Iyengar Lessons Bucharest Near Me

1. Purna Yoga - Sector 1

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Purna Yoga
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Address: Strada Emanoil Porumbaru 23, București 011421, Romania

Telephone: +40 754 242 868

Business type: Yoga studio

Purna Yoga: what do users think?
Alina Druncea: Practicing Yoga at Purna Yoga studio is a great and genuine experience. Dana is amazing. She is combining her long term practice and theoretical yoga experience with NLP and some other great techniques which led to a better yoga practice. And it is a wonderful experience because during the classes you feel so mindful and enjoy every asana. It is a unique experience indeed and I encourage you to try various yoga classes such as hatha yoga, yin yoga and many others. Enjoy❤️
Eda Gliga-Baubec: Practising yoga with Dana at Purna Yoga Academy is really helpful, a source of energy, fun and relaxation. Dana is an excellent dedicated teacher, very observant, constantly checking your positioning, very professional and friendly at the same time.
Eva Catalin: I recommend practising yoga with Dana Tupa and PurnaYoga Academy - Dana is a very complex yoga instructor with very deep yoga knowledge.
Gabriel Catalin Toma: These online yoga classes are very practical because you don't waste time on the way to the yoga room and the most important thing is that you are supervised by the instructor. As I work in construction and have the gym as a hobby, these yoga classes are exactly what I need my....with advancing age the muscles became stiffer, pains here and there....but after a few months of practicing yoga, the pains started to leave me and not only that, but I also became more optimistic. I will definitely continue even after the physical problems are resolved. Namaste
Loredana Manta: Best teacher in town! Thank you, Dana Țupa, for all the effort you make to share with us your knowledge with dedication and skill and to teach us that through yoga we can change our lives for the better.
Alex X: Great place with great and knowledgeable people. I recommend with love!
Nicoleta Papuc: Purna Yoga was the most beautiful experience I've had in yoga. Courses so well documented and presented that I couldn't wait to move on to the next one! I have never studied in my life with such enthusiasm and pleasure as I studied at Purna Yoga Academy!
Olteanu Oana: The perfect place to start practicing yoga! And Dana, a miracle of a man! I warmly and confidently recommend Dana's courses! ✌️
Mihaela Oprea: A great yoga school where practice meets theory. I recommend Dana Tupa both as a yoga teacher and as a coach. It combines decades of yoga experience with many other therapies, NLP knowledge and personal development. And successfully managed to adapt the practice online!
Gabriela 19: Excellent experience with Dana. She is professional, with a long experience of over 20 years, with a humane approach. I recommend it with all confidence!
Elena Vernescu: A deeply transformative experience, each practice class is a benefit for the health of the body, for the balance of the mind and emotions!Dana is an excellent teacher with vast and varied knowledge that fascinates and helps you grow and discover yourself!Because of her, yoga will be a part of my life forever! 🙏💖
Ioana Mamo: Best yoga Academy in Romania!
Cristina M: Purna Yoga is the studio where I discovered Yoga, 9 years ago. Since then I've moved out of the country, I've practiced yoga with different teachers/instructors, but I always return to Ms. Dana Tupa, with whom I currently practice online. I think she is the most experienced teacher I have worked with. I recommend.
Rodica Diaconu: Purna Yoga is a studio and an academy that puts you in touch with everything Yoga can offer from A to Z. I discovered the place 9 years ago, after many searches, and with Dana Tupa, from the first session I had a special chemistry. He totally conquered me with all the knowledge he possesses, his vast experience, the calmness and trust he transmits from the first moment of interaction, but, at the same time, the style he approaches, which increases the level of the practitioner both physically, emotionally and mentally , gradually, encouraging him continuously.
Andreea Turlacu: I took up yoga out of pure curiosity and with some skepticism, but after a few months of constant participation in Dana's individual classes, I became passionate about yoga. Dana is a very calm person and passionate about what he does and most importantly: he is a professional. He always explains the benefits for the body of the various postures that we practice, does guided meditation and always offers very useful information and tools both for yoga practice and for improving the mood. I wholeheartedly and with all confidence recommend Purna Yoga and especially the man Dana Tupa.
MrsAnamariaIoan: I recommend with confidence. Dana Tupa is a professional in everything she does. I was and am very satisfied with the services offered by Purna Yoga
Oana Cucu: I participated in individual classes with Mrs. Dana Tupa and I am extremely satisfied! I was very tired when I started the program, but after you made me an individual package of exercises, I started to feel more alive, even after only 3 weeks. Obviously, some discipline is also required from the practitioner, just a few lessons are not enough. I highly recommend.
Tanase Tasente: I recommend with all my heart! Very serious and professional! ❤
Paula Buse: Purna Yoga study is a wonderful place, with beautiful people, which I discovered 5 years ago and I thank Dana Tupa for what she does, for her unconditional support and advice. about yoga and not only...
arhitect studio studio: Purna Yoga is the place where I found the perfect balance in yoga practice. Dana Tupa's classes combine the technique of bodily postures, pranayama practices and guided meditation, opening your way to physical and mental balance. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the courses are full of substance and convey Dana's lively and generous spirit. The yoga and meditation classes for all levels, the Ayurveda course or the Purpose Yoga retreat are all opportunities for meeting yourself, with wonderful people on the same spiritual path, with a universe full of compassion and love.
Raluca Badea: Purna Yoga is not just a yoga studio, it is a community of wonderful people, starting with Dana Tupa, the founder, continuing with the other trainers and ending with the people who step on its threshold. It is a place where you find peace, open your heart and make new friends. All thanks to Dana who knows how to create these bridges between people who want to develop spiritually. In the last two years, I have participated in yoga and meditation courses for beginners, in thematic workshops or in the Goal Yoga camps, which are truly transformative. I recommend this studio and Dana, in particular, to all those who want to know themselves better, to find out what yoga means as a spiritual practice, not as fitness, and then to practice it.

2. Central Class Bucharest - Sector 1

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Central Class Bucharest
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Address: Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu 35A, București 010055, Romania

Business type: Hotel

3. University of Bucharest - Sector 3

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University of Bucharest
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Address: Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta Nr. 4-12, București 030018, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +40 21 307 7300

Business type: University

University of Bucharest: what do users think?
mojtaba sahra: دانشگاهی خوب و محیطی دلپذیراستادان به نامی داره
Nicolae Ivanciu: Ok
Dorel Puchea: We gave 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ thanks to the exceptional teachers at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.
Milan Mihajlović: Metropola
Leon Dunca: A mess of a university. I'm ashamed to say that I'm a graduate of a faculty that deals with this mess. In addition to being on the ground with absolutely everything, website, online catalog, buildings, etc., now they found themselves taking measures against the loving cats who live in the hostel, but also against those who have cats and are staying in the hostel. They were the biggest problem, that's why UNIBUC has miserable communist dormitories, where there is noise and communist administrators. SHAME!👎
Tayyab Imran: Nice
McIce Cube: Very beautiful !Km 0!Let's learn to be better, closer to God, to the saints, to the Kingdom of Heaven!
Diana Neacsu: lock it or I will
Leoqn: emo zone, loved it
imon khan: It's a big and beautiful university. Actually, I am also studying at this university.
el CID: An emblematic building that looks like an abandoned and vandalized house in the suburbs. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤢
LEW RO: Universitatea Nr. 1 în România !
Traditii și obiceiuri românești: Emotionant...
Narim M: Educational institution!But why isn't it cared for on the outside?So much mess around her...
Paun Rusescu: It is a building with beautiful and special architecture
Valentina Matei: Remaining hard. That's why I started fishing. That's it, it's not another.
Anand Kumar: Romania bared
Dragos Grigore: In control with the boss.....
Ileana Velicu: I met kind people, willing to support you in your endeavors...
Parcalabescu Constanta Cristina: And here the University of Bucharest is waiting for its students...but "dressed" as if for the cold season!
Tonciu Maria: A school with a good reputation, with wonderful teachers

4. JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel - Sector 5

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8270 reviews
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Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 90, București 050726, Romania

Telephone: +40 21 403 0000

Business type: Hotel

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