Best Otoplasty Centers In Bucharest Near Me

1. Dr. Klara Bancila - Sector 2

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Dr. Klara Bancila
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Address: Strada Banul Dumitrache NR 9, București 023764, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12AM Mon

Telephone: +40 722 532 299

Business type: Plastic surgeon

Dr. Klara Bancila: what do users think?
elena ivan: I went to the dance clinic in 2006 for a breast implant that I was satisfied with and that was done, I say, with a sense of responsibility. After the intervention, I breastfed without problems! I will return to the clinic as soon as possible 😊
Mario Grigorescu: I recommend the services of Dr. Klara Bancila for the professionalism she demonstrates, an outstanding doctor both from a professional and human point of view. He is a doctor who really wants to solve the problems of each patient with great care and with a vast experience in the field, a doctor you rarely meet in Romania.
Delia Maria Moldoveanu: Professionalism at the highest levels! I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!
VCiprian: My experience with Dr. Klara Bancila and her staff was nothing less than the best. I felt comfortable immediately during my consultation and knew he was the one! I'm very happy with my results.I highly recommend her for any plastic surgeries and injections. Thank you Dr. Klara for giving me my confidence back.
margareta bancila: A modern clinic, over 17 years of experience. Up-to-date professional news in plastic and repair surgery.
Claudia Claudia: I recommend this clinic, both for the facilities and for the professionalism of the doctor, who is an extremely warm person. I had problems with my little boy and that's why my emotions were very high, but everything went well and the recovery was fast. I can only tell you to have confidence, both in the dance and in the clinic staff.
Lucia Alina Necula: Mrs. Dr. Klara Băncilă is a wonderful person, a very good plastic surgeon, with a lot of experience in the field.
Marylu Marylu: We all choose based on recommendations, 2 of my friends were operated by the doctor and I clearly liked what I saw. I wholeheartedly recommend both professionalism and results! I will definitely become a loyal customer😁😄!
pralea lucian: Modern clinic, perfect professionalism; over 15 years of experience; latest information and technology vis-à-vis aesthetic treatments.

2. Fix Clinique - Sector 1

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4 reviews
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Fix Clinique
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Address: Bulevardul Bucureștii Noi 64, București 012365, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 722 529 728

Business type: Plastic surgeon

Fix Clinique: what do users think?
Mirela Miri: I recommend!A special lady doctor, gentle, with a lot of tact and a lot of patience
Adi Adi: I went to the Fix Clinique clinic!Professional and quality services!I recommend!
Gelu Tanase: I do not recommend! It mutilates you for life! I had an operation with Dr. Elena Mirincea for a permalip implant and she put it wrong from the beginning! Before the operation, I was told that the implant would move along the way and that I would come back in a month, but I didn't expect that they would put it wrong from the beginning to take my money once again! I should have sued this doctor, or maybe I will, considering that my lips have lumps and bumps from the implant that was not placed properly and it's sticking out through my skin, it's about to come out!!!
Mike Diamondz: I was operated by Mrs. Doctor Elena Marincea, very satisfied...

3. SlimArt - Sector 1

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60 reviews
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Address: Calea Floreasca 91-111, București 014455, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 732 990 052

Business type: Plastic surgeon

SlimArt: what do users think?
Bogdan Rognean: (Translated by Google
tr gaming: Great
Nicoleta Negrut: Sincere thanks to the Slim Art team!You are positive people, dedicated to patients, bring light and happiness to their souls.I also want to say a big thank you to Dr. Maria Dinu for her professionalism, knowledge, kindness, kindness, understanding and dedication to patients. You are an extraordinarily beautiful man, an exceptional doctor.My gratitude knows no bounds for your excellent work. I wish you continued success!
Jana Danoiu: A clinic with qualified, kind and professional staff! I recommend!
Alexandra Preda: Doctor Tereza Sălăjan is wonderful! He has a patience you rarely meet. He explains everything that is unclear, answers questions, collaborates very well with the patient, takes the patient's opinion into account. I recommend with love!
Daniela Calian: Personal calificat. Oferte pentru toti.
Aura Popescu: Personalul este de nota 10, iar doamna doctor este minunata. Recomand! Voi reveni cu drag!♡
Mary Calivascu: An extraordinary team that makes you feel like you've come to the right place. This fact is confirmed by the professionalism and quality of the procedures in the clinic.I recommend!❤
Roxana Florentina Suteu: A wonderful team and the most beautiful services.The best Russian Lips in Bucharest ❤️❤️
Luminita Marina Raileanu: Profesionalism , respect !
Cristina Tamara Baciu: It's the place you fall in love with the first time!Best services!The most beautiful people!Professionalism to the maximum!Always with hard offers to refuse!Every time you feel like a princess when you leave there!I love this place and the people there!
monica radulescu: Cele mai bune servicii. Recomand cu incredere!
X X: Guaranteed to rejuvenate you by 30 years 100% guaranteed! Slimming guaranteed! Guaranteed beauty! It's not my salon, I didn't get the rope to advertise them, but I passed by there once and saw that the people are good, bad, true professionals. Super quality. I don't compromise.If you want quality go there!
Cernaianu Aurelia: I recommend the clinic to everyone, especially Dr. Tereza Selejan. Her services are at the highest level of professionalism and orientation for the benefit of the client!!!! The ladies at the reception are warm, pleasant, attentive to everything that concerns you, open to communicate and make you not regret choosing the clinic!!! One of them said a great truth: here no woman who follows the indicated treatment is ugly! 😜 🤗 THANK YOU so much for everything!
Maria Radoi: Very interesting, pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, wonderful people! Cosmetic products and quality services! Thank you
Elena Popovici: I liked the presentation I attended today, Dec 5, 2019!
Micu Roxana: I have been going for several years. Thank you. I will continue to use their services.
Iuliana Vasnic: I felt very good at the clinic. All the ladies are very kind and make you feel very comfortable.Not only are the ladies sweet as honey, but Dr. Banacu Luminița is my favorite doctor. And to top it off, it also has the lowest prices.
Mihaela Ivan: In sfarsit am gasit o clinica profesionala si preturi accesibile , eu am avut norocul😜sa prind abon axila epilare cu laser la jum de pret. Totusi au tot timpul oferte atragatoare. Eu aminceput epilarea la axila si dupa a 3 sedinta m’am decis sa fac epilare totala ... fiind super incantata de rezultat .A fost ceva wow sa vad k rezultatul chiar apare dupa a 2 sed., timp de aprox un an zile m’am documentat .. si gaseam pareri despre arsuri , despre durere sau timp si bani pierduti!Recomand cu drag Slimart si multumesc dnei dr. Tereza pt rabdarea care a avut’o cu mine la inceput - fiind f panicata , speriata de lucrurile auzite 😅🙈Personal , atmosfera , profesionalism 👏 magnifik !!!
Mircea Leonard: Clinica mi-a dat impresia ca este centrata pe profit, nu pe pacient. Nu va recomand.
Kitty Elena: Personal minunat, tratamente eficiente la preturi avantajoase! M-au convins in urmă cu 2 ani și de atunci doar la ei merg.

4. Dr. Levy Medical Center - Sector 1

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99 reviews
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Dr. Levy Medical Center
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Address: Strada Ion Slătineanu nr. 6, București 010602, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +40 753 200 409

Business type: Plastic surgeon

Dr. Levy Medical Center: what do users think?
Florentina Valentina: A very good doctor, a clean and beautiful clinic, very helpful staff and the operation went without any problems. I am satisfied with the result and recommend it with confidence. I know I paid an extra penny, but I paid for quality!
Terapeut Maria Mihaila: I recommend! An exceptional doctor. I called for a problem, and the result was as expected!Thank you, Mr. Doctor 🙏
Stamule Alexandru-Costin: 🔝
Daniel Negulescu: Super happy with everything medical services! I recommend with confidence to everyone! 😊
yair ben hamo: Doctor Levy's clinic is definitely one of the best clinics in Romania, if not in the world for several reasons, the attitude of the doctor and the rest of the staff is excellent and leaves no room for doubt, the level of professionalism is one of the highest I have ever seen, the doctor himself takes care of the patients and gives warm and personal treatment to each and every one , in short, a very professional and serious team and atmosphere, amazing results and I'm sure I'll be back
Piff: I highly recommend. I performed a circumcision and I am very satisfied with the results. Call Dr. Levy with confidence.
Cristina Ioana: Very satisfied!
Nicoleta Radu: I recommend!
Veronica Anghel: Professionalism and impeccable service!
Alina Dinu: A very successful intervention. A professional doctor.
Bianca Popescu: An extraordinary doctor, an extraordinary team, a very attentive and empathetic doctor! I recommend it with all confidence!!
Cristina Andrei: I want to recommend Dr. Levy with all my heart. I had surgery at the Dr. LEVY clinic and I am super satisfied. The doctor is extraordinary, a true professional, and from the second I met him I knew I was in the best hands in the world. The blepharoplasty procedure went very well.An extraordinary team of professionals, and the doctor an angel with golden hands. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for everything. You are the best❤️❤️❤️
Gabriella Vatany: Thank you for the quality service and professionalism. I am glad that I made the best decision and chose to join the satisfied clients, I bow to the work performed with such professionalism and perfection.Top notch staff, always available and professional.I sincerely recommend you with great confidence, thank you for existing, as many successes as possible in the future
Eugenia Antonescu: Servicii premium si un personal minunat! Recomand cu drag!
Patricia Butca: Un loc curat, igienic, personal absolut impecabil și dl. doctor un om de milioane, un profesionist desăvârșit și o transparență ireproșabilă!Sunt recunoscătoare și mulțumitoare pentru toată echipa! 🙏🏻
Andrada Popa: Intervenție reușită. 100% mulțumită
Stefeilteam IMBATTIBILE: Am fost operat de domnul doctor Moti Yair Levy și sunt foarte mulțumit de cum a decurs operația, domnul doctor a fost foarte de treabă. Recomand cu cea mai mare incredere
Gabriela Socoteala: Domnule doctor, vă mulțumesc din toată inima!Sunteți un profesionist desăvârșit, un om bun, dedicat și aveti o echipa de excepție !Vă doresc să fiți mereu apreciat și respectat pentru tot ceea ce faceți! Fiți sănătos!
Giulia Giulia: Felicitari DR. MOTI YAIR LEVY, felicitari echipei! 🤩Faceti lucruri grozave, va recomand cu incredere si va doresc sa mergeti tot mai sus!
Teodora Cristina Ralea: Am avut o experiența superba cu domnul doctor si echipa. Am ajuns cu o urgenta,fiind operata de alt doctor.M-au primit de urgenta si mi-au rezolvat problema.Va multumesc domnule doctor.
Nicoleta Badaran: Everything was great!!!!

5. Clinica DR.K Bucharest - Sector 1

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6 reviews
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Clinica DR.K Bucharest
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Address: Lt. Av, Strada Locotenent Aviator Iuliu Tetrat nr. 1, București 011911, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 767 587 587

Business type: Plastic surgeon

Clinica DR.K Bucharest: what do users think?
Mohamed Khaled: Not recommend at allDon’t bother going
alexsacrp twitch: Horrendous service, messed me up! Never again!!!
Erica Wrangler: Dishonest, money oriented and puts you in serious danger!!! Avoid at all costs
Benjamin Elgar: Bad practice, unprofessional and dangerous.
Florentina Aldea: As da 10 daca as putea. Pe langa rezultatele exceptionale, felul in care vorbeste, atentia la detalii, grija fata de paciente. Oricand i am scris mi a raspuns. Mi a ascultat de fiecare data parerea. Revin de fiecare data cu drag la clinica! Va multumesc domnul doctor!
Red: Best place in the whole country!Professionality at its highest level!Thank you, DR. K!
mihaela Mi: He is an exceptional doctor in every way! The results are always up to expectations. I recommend with love!
Anne DeChristo: Dr. K is more than a doctor. He feels like family from the moment you walk in.His charm, elegant style meets his warm, gentle, humble personality.He was the first and the only one who I trusted to put a knife on my face.The only one who fixed everything I wanted to be fixed without a second try.He makes you see beauty in another way and he already knows what makes you beautiful without you even trying to explain.You won t be able to understand this untill you experience Dr. K.I can t thank him enough.I sure am forever his patient.
Roxana N: I was damn impressed by 2 things:1. His attitude: not patronising, interested in your opinion, explaining the REAL situation, having patience with the clients2. The products he is using - just the TOP ones from the domain and that you can see it on your skin.Nevertheless you can feel His Experience & LOVE for what he is doing.Highly Recommend Dr. K - glad I found you!!!
Alexandra Comaneanu: Dedicated and very professional. Highly recommend.
Florina Chelariu: Professionalism, dedication, a lot of attention! I recommend!
Monica Iordache: This specific medical branch is usually dominated by rather condescending, “listen to me I know it all” individuals, but not in this case. The doctor and personnel are super friendly, and willing to give honest advice. Moreover, they do show a high level of knowledge/understanding of latest international procedures, therapies, trends in cosmetics. Highly recommend them!
Jamal Abdul Nasser: Dr. Alex is a real professional in his work and as a trainer, i'm honored that i had the chance to be one of his students.

6. Dr Alexandru Ioan Calu - Sector 2

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50 reviews
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Dr Alexandru Ioan Calu
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Address: Strada Tony Bulandra nr. 27, București 021967, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +40 726 527 099

Business type: Plastic surgeon

7. Omnia Dental - Implant dentar Bucuresti, implant ghidat digital, tratament parodontoza, clinica stomatologica - Sector 1

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9 reviews
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Omnia Dental - Implant dentar Bucuresti, implant ghidat digital, tratament parodontoza, clinica stomatologica
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Address: Strada Grigore Cobălcescu 42, București 010193, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 761 575 155

Business type: Dental clinic

Omnia Dental - Implant dentar Bucuresti, implant ghidat digital, tratament parodontoza, clinica stomatologica: what do users think?
Florin Chirculescu: I thought I will lose my teeth, but Mister Octavian Munteanu managed to save them. He really is the best doctor in town! I can assure that, at Omnia Dental, all the teeth problems are being solved. 👍👍👍
Kajaal Jootna: Best Dentist and world class service.
Steve Redfern: I was recommended to visit Omnia dental clinic by a friend who also had treatment there.I can highly recommend this clinic after having treatment there.The staff are fantastic,very friendly above all extremely professional.Octavias work is high class and second to none.I am very pleased with the results.Nothing is to much trouble for Octavia.You feel like you arrive as a patient and leave as a friend.I travelled from the UK,it was worth every penny.I will definitely be returning if I ever need further treatment.Many thanks again.
Anneta: I was impressed with professionalism of the staff. Clinic is very beautiful and modern. Staff speak on English, Russian besides Romanian. Very attentive to patients. I can tell that I will joyfully visit this clinic in the future.
Raluca Ignat: Professional doctors, very good quality services! I recommend with love!
Michael Jackson: I have used this dental practice for over four years. During this period I've had six implants in my lower jaw (three each side) and six tooth bridge at the front which had been badly damaged 40 years ago playing squash. I'm now planning another visit to have more work done to replace two bridges on my upper jaw.Having implants was one of the best decisions I have made. I had no pain or blood on the pillow, the service I received was fantastic. So much so, four of my friends had work done and more are planning trips.Why pay the price of UK dentist when you can fly to Bucharest, stay in a very nice hotel and have money left over.
Mihai Buta: The best quality services! recommend
Val Lav: : fata de alte clinici de acelasi nivel, preturile sint mult mai mici - iar acest fapt este decisiv intr-o algere ... De ce sa platesti mai mult pentru acelasi tratament?Conclud si recomand: daca ai probleme cu dantura, daca vrei o solutie durabila si optima, sint convins ca Omnia Dental este cea mai buna alegere in Bucuresti.(Translated by Google
Rodica Buta: Exceptional services, a team of professional and very patient doctors. I am very pleased. I strongly recommend for implants and complex pain-free work.Thank you doctor, he works carefully on every detail and with great professionalism!
Marcello Vivoli: Buonasera,Sono Marcello da Firenze, sono stato un paziente di questo studio dentistico nel mese di luglio 2019 (per un ponte di n.5 denti) , voglio esprimere la mia soddisfazione per l'ottimo lavoro eseguito .A distanza di 3 mesi tutto procede ottimamente.Si raccomanda detto studio dentistico per la professionalità, la gentilezza e la pazienza dimostratami.Costi molto convenienti specie se rapportati ai costi italiani.
Bradley Clark: The dentist here were really nice explained my whole treatment plan clearly and transparent,answered all my questions and worries.
Mark Kerswell: Had ten teeth bridge done, awesome dentist professional very customer friendly and very very helpful

8. Life Memorial Hospital - Sector 1

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76 reviews
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Address: Calea Griviței Nr.365, București 010719, Romania

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +40 21 209 4031

Business type: Private hospital

Life Memorial Hospital: what do users think?
Liviu Ene: si de evoluția vindecării.Chiar daca problemele medicale nu sunt cele mai fericite, in cadrul clinicii m-am simtit foarte confortabil. Nu am avut dureri, m-am putut odihni, mi-au fost clarificate toate nelămuririle si am avut parte de suport permanent.Multumesc dl. Doctor si întregii echipe Medlife.Numai bine!(Translated by Google
Marius Nita: lasă de dorit.(Translated by Google
Aurel Cirstea: Medical services at European standards.
Ioan: Ok
Daniel V Negru: A center of high performance medical excellence, with dedicated and involved people, at Western standards and even beyond. If you have problems, and especially serious ones, I advise you not to wander and waste precious time on the "former glories" of another time in Bucharest, be they hospitals or surgeons. Here I can say that I was born for the 2nd time, and my "parents" are the "magician" lt.col.dr. Augustin Dima and the "fairy" Dr. Diana Toma, as well as the entire formidable team from ATI. Being numerous, I'll be forgiven if I didn't quote them all. From the bottom of my heart, thousands of thanks, my words are poor to express my full gratitude! Châpeau bas Monsieur Dima, vous êtes une force de la nature !!!
Gheorghe Dragomir: Ok.
Elena Olaru: Doctor Gabriel Mitroi and his team are extraordinary! Professionalism, empathy, attention!I feel great after the endometriosis operation!
Robert Lazar: Doctorii sunt foarte profesionisti si tehnici, mai ales cei tineri. Doamna Badoiu de la pre-anestezie e mai mamoasa si de moda veche si vine dansa cu multe informatii extraConsider ca depinde de asteptarile fiecaruia si gradul de informare. Vrei multe informatii, pune multe intrebari, peste totConcluzie:Operatia a decurs excelent, recuperare rapida, starea dupa operatie neasteptat de buna, semn ca si anestezistul a lucrat foarte frumos. Serviciile de la Medlife foarte bune si echipa de 10(Translated by Google
Stoenescu Andy: Professionals!
marcel vartanu: Today 14.12.2022. I waited 50 minutes for a consultation with the anesthesiologist for the operation. Although I was scheduled at this time. I've left and I'm definitely giving up the miserable services at inflated rates. Avoid. If you had worked to improve services, you would have found out what quality staff you have as advisors like Ionela Dumitrescu. Also lie that you are working on improvement. Shame.
Iulian Dumitru: The staff at the reception leaves a lot to be desired by communicating erroneous information
Chibi Usa: Good evening. I was operated on at Medlife Grivița 1 year ago. Competent medical services. I was treated super humane during resuscitation. I received a tap that helped me enormously. I received the best care.
Emy h: The person at the call center indicates the impossibility of transferring a patient from a public hospital to a private one.Unreal unprofessional.
Silviu Leanca: The experience at the guard room is deplorable. You pay for the services and then wait like a fool for 30 minutes for someone to see you
Georgeta Niculescu: Very kind, starting from the reception. Professional, attentive, kind doctors.
Jucatorul Robo: Everything is very well organized. Unfortunately, not all medical specialties have very good doctors.
Daniel Arion: Impeccable services
Dorel Cojocaru: Although I was scheduled for ophthalmology at 9.30, when I had to enter the office, mrs. The doctor received some pharmaceutical company representatives and so I went in half an hour later. In the conditions in which my first consultation had also been rescheduled because mrs. The doctor had a problem and rescheduled me exactly 2 weeks later.
cristian stoica: My whole family was satisfied with the services provided by Medlife regardless of the location
RI B: Lack of respect for the patient. I paid 325 lei for a consultation to be dispatched in 5 minutes, leaving with more questions than answers.
Mihai Mocanu: Medlife is a medical institution of excellence.

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