Best Religious Articles Stores In Bucharest Near Me

1. Romanian Boutique - Sector 3

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Romanian Boutique
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Address: Strada Bărăției 27, București 030322, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +40 721 389 927

Business type: Souvenir store

Romanian Boutique: what do users think?
Peter Heemskerk: Not only beautiful products but also a friendly owner who can tell you everything about Bucharest and Romenia!
Renée Nelemans: Hele lieve uitbater, we werden goed geholpen!
Federica Maiorana: Gentile e disponibile
zehra balcı: Nice people and shop, highly recommended
Dafni Markopoulou: Probably the prettiest souvenirs in town. And good prices!
Vinnie's Jar: Consiglio questo negozio di souvenir a Bucarest. Il proprietario è stato gentilissimo e ci ha spiegato la storia di alcuni oggetti tradizionali.Parla benissimo l'italiano.In questo negozio si possono trovare tutti i tipi di souvenir possibili ed i prezzi sono super onesti visto che i prodotti che vende sono originali rumeni.Consigliato 🙂
Francesco Parlavecchia: Sentirsi accolti come a casa, prezzi onesti e locale pulito.Non è mai stato così semplice scegliere souvenir! Il proprietario conosce perfettamente l’italiano!
Vojtěch Bajko: Friendly and helpfull best coin swap 😃 thanks
Erin Fromm: Wonderful souvenir shop. The gentleman who runs the shop was very welcoming, super informative and interesting. Good selection of souvenirs. Happy with my experience and purchases.
Winston Vreden: Super leuke souvenir shop! Heel aardige mensen, vertellen vanalles over Roemenië, soort van VVV !
Aum Shishmanian: Un super accueil avec un vendeur francophone très sympathique !
Giovanni Rizzo: Negozieto molto fornito. La gente parla italiano, consoliatisimo
RAFFAELE GRAZIANO: Il miglior negozio di souvenir per l'esperienza avuta.Giulian il proprietario è una persona fantastica, educata, cortese e molto disponibile.Parla benissimo l'italiano, ti sa consigliare molto sulla cittàÈ una persona onesta.Il negozio ha di tutto, non bisogna andare altrove per ricercare i ricordi di una vacanza.I prezzi sono molto onesti e giusti visto la qualità dei prodotti.Nulla di fake, tutto originale.Mette veramente passione e dedizione in quello che fa.Voto 10
Carlos: Trato exquisito, calidad y servicio. Muy agradecidos por su atención, recomendable 100%.
A. Nanou: Excellent experience!Traditional souvenirs!Kind assistant who tried to speak in our language (Greek)✌🏻
Михаел Върбанов: the shop has a wide variety of souvenirs, but I would like to point out that the coffee shop next door has very friendly staff and delicious coffee
Lucia Greco: Si trova fuori dal centro, prezzi altissimi rispetto alla media di bucarest. La signorina alla cassa abbastanza scortese e non è assortito come avevo letto nelle recensioni. Comprate i souvenir a bran. Vasta scelta e prezzi decisamente migliori.
Richard Firby: Good mix of souvenirs. A lot of options.
lucia avantaggiato: Consiglio vivamente di andare in questo posto. C'è di tutto e per tutte le tasche. Il proprietario una persona squisita che parla benissimo l'italiano e da ottimo consigli .Ci ha consigli un bellissimo locale Nor al 35 piano
Giusy: Oltre all'ampia scelta e prezzi onestissimi dei souvenir, il titolare è una persona eccezionale, simpatico e gentilissimo. Non gli era dovuto, ma ci ha anche aiutato con indicazioni preziosissime
Tiziana Apollo: Una sola parola.. FANTASTICO!

2. Cărturești Carusel - Sector 3

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Cărturești Carusel
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Address: Strada Lipscani 55, București 030033, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +40 728 828 922

Business type: Book store

Cărturești Carusel: what do users think?
Alex Bohariuc: One of the nicest libraries in Bucharest
Codrin Ghindoc: A very large and spacious bookstore where you can have a good time and where you can find almost anything. It is one of the best places to spend time in Bucharest and the most beautiful Cărturești in Romania.
Eva Mazzer: Bookstore so particular
Gabriel Ochirosi: Very nice place
Shir Duker: חנות מושלמת! 5 קומות ! חוויה ארכיטקטונית ולאוהבי ספרים פשוט חובה!!!
Opritoiu Lucian: Super
Susan Kim: Very nice place but price is expensive
Kenza Patt: It looks not bad, but I don’t understand excitement about this bookstore. Really overpriced
Puiu Petrisor: Cea mai frumoasă Librărie din lume cu adevărat. 😀😀😀 La más hermosa Librería del mundo, muy acogedora y llena de diversidad de productos aparte de libros.
John Mike: Awesome library
Татьяна Кузьминова: Very large and beautiful bookstore! The child liked it!
Eleni Kämper: Sehr schöne Architektur. Gut sortierte Buchhandlung mit vielen Geschenkartikeln und Handgemachtem als Ergänzung.
maria spinaci: Libreria da favola... fornita di tutto
Hakan Turan (Kolay Arıcılık): Romanyaya gelip burada Dnr yok mi diye soran olursa burayı tarif ediniz. 😀 Mekan çok güzel ve nezih. Kitap harici başka şeyler de var. Caddeden geçerken uğramaktan bir şey kaybetmezsiniz.
Ducu Soare: Checked stock in Bucharest at another location, booked by phone, picked up as agreed.
Ioan Gabriel Popa: A bookshop-cafe, where you can spend a lot of time and not get bored, where you can surely find a book you like, decorative items, toys, games for all ages. Location suitable for children over 10 years. The interior is tastefully decorated and very well structured, friendly staff.
Gonzalo Aldana: Amazing library. 4 levels. Bar at the top.
Ana Hotescu: A very nice place for pictures and an impressive building for reading lovers, otherwise the titles found are not exceptional.
Kiyini Joseph Balamazze: Excellent Collections of All Types of Material, Beyond Literature.A visit is an interesting idea. For you never know what you may find.
aria: the place is very big, the cafe is on top of everything, good selection of books and weeb stuff, prices a bit high tho, I recommend the bad luck pechkeks, honestly I go there more because they work best that's why I like it point
dimitrios demiris: Great place to visit. Maybe a place to work also if you want a Great inspiring location

3. Cărturești & friends - Sector 1

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Cărturești & friends
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Address: Strada Edgar Quinet no 9, București 030167, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 732 003 004

Business type: Book store

Cărturești & friends: what do users think?
Oana Ralu: Just great!
Оксана Грин: A small cozy bookshop and a very pleasant man working in it.
Octavian Țelea: Best English bookstore in town.
Narim M: Kindness.This is the order.
Els: Love all the Cărtureṣti bookstores! Quite a good selection of English books
Alexandru: Being a bookstore like I've never seen before in Bucharest, it looks very innovative and eager to offer you a wider connection between you, as a reader, and books. It combines in a certain way the old, meaning the books of the great Romanian authors translated into English, with the modernist/futuristic architecture of the place. 👍Thumbs-up 👍😁
Vlad Andrei Popescu: great bookshop with even better selection of books. cozy, helpful and very nice staff. i visit it any chance i get
nugget: carti bune
Cristiana Toader: The lady at the desk was very friendly and helpful and the place is very cosy, including the outside garden. I hope they would open the cafeteria soon.
Mihai Rusu: The best place to get English books in Bucharest.The store members are a wealth of knowledge as well as book lovers.Support our local bookstores.
Razvan Lerescu: A really disappointing experience. The person tending the desk invited me to leave the store at 19:52 (right after entering) saying he had already closed, although they are supposed to close at 20:00, and I already knew what I wanted to buy so it would only have taken him a minute to scan the book and process the payment. Disgusting. Maybe they should post the real opening hours so that I know exactly when to bother the lazy clerk.
José Ignacio Zomeño: The books are not very good ordered or specially good priced and the clerk was not friendly AT ALL. He told me to put my surgical mask back on after I removed it for two seconds to clean up my nose with a kleenex (my girlfriend did the same thing five minutes before and he did not say nothing, curiously enough).I grabbed two books, priced 22 and 58 lei respectively. When I approached the clerk to pay the books, he charged me 26 and 68 respectively. When I told him that he did not update the prices written on the back of the books and that he should have told me the actual prices before collecting the money, he reacted quite aggresively telling me that it was his mistake and that he had not had time to update them in a really loud tone.I paid the book and went away, but I am never returning again if I come back to Bucharest and I don't recommend the bookstore to anyone. In Spain at least, the price you see posted on the item you wanna buy is the price you finally pay, if the clerk does not update it is NOT the client's problem. To add insult to injury, he (the clerk) reacted with bad manners. Maybe he had a bad day, but that's no way to treat a client in any circumstance.Aside from the angry clerk, it is a regular English bookstore with books you can find in any other place.
Bloodmoon Beard: A very diverse selection in books: poetry, philosophy, and romanian literature translated into English. The seller that helped me today was very friendly, and gave me some really good recommendations about romanian writers, and I endes up getting one. Will definitaly visit this place again when I'm back in Romania. Worth every and all 5 stars.
tilen970: Cute bookstore.
Nicolae “Nicolae” Vasile: Mergeți cu incredere
Jaydden Quinn: Love spending time here
Florenta Petreanu: Ok. O librărie este obligatoriu să vizitezi.
משה ביטון: נחמד
suman dutta: Great
Kenny Shen: This bookstore is not big, you can go to the flagship store of the store, which is also in the old town, it is very spectacular.
Francesco Tavella: Amazing inspiring place. Don't miss the paintings inside the bookshop


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Address: Baneasa Shopping City, Șoseaua București-Ploiești 42D, București 015011, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +40 744 491 590

Business type: Cosmetics store

MAISON CHRISTIAN DIOR: what do users think?
BBB: Extraordinary perfumes, but unfortunately the store staff leaves a lot to be desired.. ZERO parolism!
Stefan-Mihai Olarescu: The best smelling perfumes yet. The service was amazing and the people there are very helpful and kind.
BIANCA z: The nicest consultants, very kind and nice ladies, as far as the Dior Range is concerned, only words of praise. Excellent products, a Glamor boutique where you feel like in heaven
Crina Petrovici: The nicest consultants! They really made my day.I will definitely be back.
Cedric Visa: All the perfumes in the Chrisitan Dior Privée range, fully available in the store, are distinguished by very natural olfactory nuances that last a long time. Congratulations to Mrs. Iulia, who provides the best presentation and advice. With each purchase, I had the pleasure of discovering what your involvement, attention and preparation mean for each product and customer. The superior quality of the products is specific to the Dior brand.
hesselmann armin: I am sorry to report a great disappointment in product quality of the perfume! Neither sillage (leaving a trail) nor longevity (lasting) are sufficient.First time I went in and I left them over 200€ for a 125ml bottle of perfume.Choice was plenty. The concept is interesting. You can experience and analyse really well different scents - some 12-15 are offered for women and another 12-15 for “uni-sex”. No stuff which is marketed in shops. Bottles, labels and packaging are humble. All this was promising that serious focus is on product quality.Counseling was ok.They have also scented candles, soap etc.HOWEVER, the perfume, the 200€ DIOR does not last! At best it is an eau de perfume, at worst even only an eau de Cologne. Same as with many modern perfumes.It’s so bad, that I honestly hope the whole boutique is a scam and “am luat eu țeapă” (I was fooled) but not that Dior is selling such low value stuff! If not, Hic transit gloria mundis - they deserve to do badly and they will. I can’t imagine that for this money they sell a special low-cost mix for Eastern Europe.
Dennise Curti: Very good
Sebastian Dondoe: I went in May to try Tobacolor. The staff left a very good impression on me; the lady who greeted me was very polite and welcoming.

5. Salomon Baneasa Shopping City - Sector 1

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45 reviews
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Salomon Baneasa Shopping City
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Address: Șoseaua București-Ploiești 42D, București 015011, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +40 725 948 724

Business type: Sporting goods store

Salomon Baneasa Shopping City: what do users think?
V. C.: .(Translated by Google
Mihai Stanciu: , produse ce nu m-a dezamăgit, din contră.Însă, experiența pentru ea nu a fost aceeași, perechea prinzând un miros pestilențial, nu putea sa stai lângă ei pe balcon, chiar daca erau aerisiți. Ceva grotesc.Astfel, am încercat spalarea lor, (de mână prima dată, ulterior mașina program haine sportive temperatură mica
Christian Patriciu Popescu: The people in the store do their best, but the people at the headquarters don't lift a finger.
Camper Van: Nice store. All kind of stuff is at present. Quick Shoe Laces, Pants, Shorts, T-Shirt, Jackets, Socks and footwear
Costin Dardac: The store employee had a very unfriendly attitude and seemed extremely bothered by the fact that I was asking for the details about the boots. Besides, he was rolling his eyes all the time. I asked if they had a pair of sneakers on display in the store and was told no. I placed the order online and received exactly the pair in the store that I wanted to avoid. Apparently the stocks are not good either.
Mihai Voicu: Nice quality shoes. However, I could not find wide enough shoes for my kid.I had to donate my last Salomon sport shoes because they were too narrow. I still wear the previous pair that was wide enough.We need wider shoes. I wander who has the foot so slender, maybe a geisha? :)
Crenguța Stan: Very friendly staff!
Gabriela Cristina Tudor: Mrs. Felicia, you are wonderful! I really liked how you served me as a customer. Thank you!
Robert: O experienta placuta, cei doi tineri comportandu-se exemplar. Mi-au oferit toate detaliile de care am avut nevoie si m-au ajutat sa imi aleg echipamentul perfect. Voi reveni cu drag in acest magazin!
Nona Dragutan: A great help, Mrs. Felicia, guided us competently in choosing the right products.Thank you for the way we were received and guided.
sorin ghete: Very poor services.I waited over 20 minutes to be billed for 8 products that I already had in my bag.The clumsiness of the lady could be seen from a post, and her colleague made sure to play music at a very high level.In the end I gave up shoppingI don't understand how they can hire without basic training.Shame!!!
Bogdan Serpescu: I asked to try on a certain size, there was an employee of the store who knew beforehand that it was not available anywhere.
Catalin Stf: Ok products, great nausea on employees.
M Gi: Very bad customer service. The staff was unhelpful even though I was the only customer in the shop.
Nicolae Filip: Ok.
Bogdan Necula: Staff a bit indifferent to customer requirements. Sin!
Codrut Ispasoiu: Unfortunately, the offer is limited, the offer is probably moving online.
Nick: Apart from the fact that they don't really have anything, the employees behave as if you are already bankrupt. absolutely unfriendly and disinterested. if someone from the management sees it, it will ruin your business
Erdal Kaplan: I was visiting here at least once in 2-3 months... But staff is really rude, they don't help.. they don't want to search for stock.. their attitude is making you uncomfortableIf you want Salomon buy online or visit another shop not the one in baneasa
serban balas: not so great staff...bored
Bogdan Radu: I bought a pair of shoes, they were almost 160 Eur, after 3 days of wearing them, they fall apart. I went to the store with my issue. The employee were bored as usual, took my shoes and said I have to wait 2 weeks for warranty to see what happened. No money back, no shoes in exchange :)) This store is a joke.

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