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1. Koh-I-Noor Shop - Sector 2

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Koh-I-Noor Shop
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Address: Strada C. A. Rosetti 15, București 010282, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +40 722 653 560

Business type: Pen store

Koh-I-Noor Shop: what do users think?
Alina Burciu: A store that reminds you of your childhood, from the smell of wood, the way you entered, to the wide variety of pencils and other products. You can give free rein to your imagination with DIY products, you can use tempera, acrylic or oil to create paintings, not to mention the wide range of colors in pastels..... It's worth entering and returning to the world for at least 2 minutes childhood.
Irina Pogorevici: A store that I like. Many objects for writing, drawing, DIY, ... everything. Varied, colorful, good quality, ... The ladies, nice, kind, correct, with advice and offers.... I can't wait to go on a day with more time to spend. recommend
Andrei Puiu: I wasn't actually in the store, but I ordered online. It arrived quickly, with all things neatly packed. It was nice to include three bonus calendars as well, I appreciate the gesture.What I think is the coolest, however, is that in addition to the website itself, they also have a blog that helped me personally with an article about pencils for drawing. I will recommend if I get the chance!
Nicol Nicol: Elegant store, quality products, qualified and very pleasant staff. We'll be back with love
Adrian: Very good quality and the prices are also decent
Catalin Florea: Amazing shop with a wide variety of stationery at competitive prices. There are just so many options available! I have a large Koh-I-Noor Polycolor Colored Pencils 72 colors set, and I’ve done several colored pencil drawings using this set. Overall, these are very good colored pencils to do work on details and small drawings. Strokes are smooth and easy with these colored pencils. Being a relatively hard, oil-based lead, it is somewhat easy to get a nice, sharp point which helps in doing highly detailed areas. The Koh-I-Noor are packed with bright vibrant pigment which is a delight to apply. One area the absolutely do outperform Prismacolor on is the ability to sharpen the Koh-I-Noor, without losing three quarters of the pencil before you even get the chance to use the pencil. Given the quality of these pencils, I would say that they are perhaps the best value colored pencils on the market.
Dinu Mihail Maravela: I'll be back! 😍
romulus prisiceanu: Super quality, I grew up with metal pencils with sharpeners at the end and who could also grab a pen with 4 colors, it was cool.
Alexia Maravela: Nice location and a very nice staff with great quality products!
Mashu: Quality goods at acceptable prices. I recommend without hesitation.
10 00: This shop has good and very good quality products (graphics, painting, office pens ...)The staff is friendly and the prices are mederate.

2. REHAU Romania - Voluntari

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REHAU Romania
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Address: DNCB 14-16, Tunari 077180, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +40 21 266 5180

Business type: Company

3. Copyprint - Sector 1

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Address: Bulevardul Dacia 30, București 030167, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +40 21 319 4959

Business type: Office supply store

Copyprint: what do users think?
Gigi Banu: Grandma also puts me in the forbidden or avoids me
Alexandru Gujuman: Kind, helpful.
Maria Nicoleta DRAGAN: Employees are irritated! At my place, a gentleman yelled that I must tell him what I have to print, not for him to print them all in a row, under the conditions in which I had explained to him several times.
Ioan-Mihai Tudoran: Score 10 and thank you for your help!👍
constantin barbu: Professionalism, courtesy, promptness
Catalin Zare: I stood in line for 15 minutes for 2 sheets. An employee took my order and then started doing something else.
Eugen Ferariu: Qualified personnel. Readiness. I recommend. Note 10
Gigi Unirii: Professionals!!
Dan Boss: Super location. You can do anything based on print and many other things.
Animari Stoica (AniS): I am a loyal customer 🙂
ドムラ: At the door it says 0.20 per sheet, but they asked me 1 leu when they saw that I have a foreign name. Some scammers
Alexandra Aur: Professionalism at its best! Great services, very helpful and skilled staff. Also, they are very nice
Melania Vitan: Super professionals
Nico Ionascu: For metal badges, any order via mail/live is useless, the employee there simply won't make them.
Shobytza Bobe: Arrogant! Poor quality prints! Disinterested staff.
Maxone Francezul: To avoid !
Bobe: Some scumbags who treat customers very badly! Especially the "boss" 😅
Mircea Stefanescu: Staff quite ok. The overall clients area is too small.
Costi #fotoevent88: Professional printing services in the shortest possible time.
Theodora Schafronek: Not friendly staff.
Artworlds: The quality of the credentials is execrable.

4. Selgros - Sector 1

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1608 reviews
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Address: Șoseaua București-Ploiești 55-65, București 013685, Romania

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +40 21 307 8000

Business type: Warehouse club

Selgros: what do users think?
Vasile Mihai: Quality and diversity products
Mirela Usturoi: Fresh and excellent quality products!
Adriana Popeacu: Excellent parking, friendly staff, very good quality products, good price
Gabriel Enache: I bought meat at a good price, coffee, which became more expensive, I bought it on offer, 2 kg of Tchibo beans, for the price of 1 kg. I no longer caught the long queues at the cash registers.
ANDY CASINO: atitudinea zeflemista a celor de la receptie si chiar a casierelor,lasa mult de dorit,de evitat!!!e singurul magazin unde mi s a cerut act constitutiv,o rusine!(Translated by Google
George Prisacariu: A normal day .
dan nastase: If you want to eat at Pauza mica, go to the back to the carme district and get mici, cefa, etc. from there.
Movement Stuff: Good food , nice serving
Ion Perceatu: Good prices for large quantities but for small quantities prices like at neighborhood stores.
Cristian Rozoleanu: 5 stars for the very kind ladies from returns and service 🤗🌹💐🌹today 1/06/23 Congratulations I wish you stay the same!
Acces Construnct S.R.L.: Ok
Costin M: Diversity, order, kindness. Unfortunately, it closes at 21 for a while. Minus one star.
Neculai Mitu: Many products and you have plenty to choose from. Good prices. Self-service, what suits us, you choose what you like. Payment by card and cash. Quick payment line. Biodegradable products.From Romania, few products in the fish district. Likewise vegetables and fruits. We do not have representation for onions, beans, apples, peppers, etc. A little more beef and pork.
George Toma: Selgros DN1
George Nistor: Varied offer. Appropriate prices.
Bumburoaica Bumburoaica: Free parking, friendly staff.
VIOREL CAPRARIU: super ok New apps help you finish your shopping quickly.
Cătălin Mihai Tiganuc: Very high Mega Image. That's why the parking lot is empty and there are few customers
Dan Nicolae: Very good compared to Metro...

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