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1. - Sector 2

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Address: Bulevardul Carol I Nr. 61, Etaj 4, București 030167, Romania

Telephone: +40 764 945 965

Business type: Self defense school what do users think?
Vlad Z: Professional instructors, good atmosphere for training, nice people.
Adrian M: Cursuri excelente de autoapărare bazate pe scenarii realiste.

2. Scoala Bukan de Krav Maga - Tineretului Dojo - Sector 3

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Address: Strada Tăbăcarilor 7, București 030167, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM Mon

Telephone: +40 722 225 563

Business type: Self defense school

Scoala Bukan de Krav Maga - Tineretului Dojo: what do users think?
Àlex Escofet: A few months ago I went to Scoala Bukan de Krav Maga Bucuresti and even if I didn't take classes for a lot of time I highly recommend this dojo even if you are living in Romania for a short period of time and you don't speak the language, as it was in my case. Sorin, the teacher of the dojo translated all the class even if I was the only one that couldn't speak Romanian and I have to say that I felt extremely welcomed and integrated in the dojo.Apart from that Krav Maga is a martial art that trains your body condition and has proved to be very useful in many circumstances. If you are an outsider that wants to do some sport and learn self defence Scoala Bukan is the place to go.
Raluca Țurcanașu: Sorin, alături de Andreea, Florina sau alți colegi, este foarte atent cum executăm cu toții mișcările, și nu în ceea ce ține de fizic cât și de mental. Krav Maga este despre a fi pregătit în orice moment, să-ți antrenezi reflexele fizice și, poate mai ales, mentale, și a evita mai întâi conflictul, înainte de a aplica o lovitură tip Mortal Kombat. Ca persoana de 1.61m, mi se pare cea mai potrivită autoapărare. Cu centura galbenă, am văzut deja că anumite prize sunt eficiente și cu bărbați de 1.90. Importantă e execuția corectă, nu forța.Be good enough not to kill! (atât uman, cât și tehnic!
Laurentiu Giusca: I discovered this sport when I wanted to improve my posture and mobility. Like any handy guy, I asked a friend what "treatment" he recommended. That's how I got to the Bukan school - Krav Maga - Youth Dojo, where he holds the orange belt...From the very first training I realized that, in addition to the specific rules of a self-defense sport, Krav Maga has its own philosophy and is an art. The philosophy of this fighting style is to effectively combine procedures from several contact sports and self-defense.During training sessions, you don't realize how time flies!The location leaves something to be desired, but the working atmosphere and the feeling that contact with the tatami gives you compensates for this shortcoming and makes you think about the purpose for which you are there, not the working conditions. After all, in a conflict situation, you are not necessarily in a 4-star location...We constantly learn new procedures and endlessly repeat what we have already learned, so that a self-defense movement becomes a reflex in a real situation.With the passage of time and the diversification of procedures, in addition to controlling movements and increasing mobility, my confidence in myself increased and this feeling motivated me to go further.The motivation also comes from the main actor of the Krav Maga school - Tineretului Dojo - our instructor, Sorin Matei, whom I appreciate and thank for what he teaches us and for having the grace to transmit this microbe to us.I recommend giving Krav Maga a try - you won't regret it!
Ada Cioroianu: la disciplina, la skill. Ajungi la o constientizare mai mare a corpului, a fragilitatii, dar si a puterii sale inerente.Sorin Matei este un sensei cum rar vei intalni; este de o daruire si o atentie care te motiveaza, te incarca de energie. Iar dojo-ul din Tineretului nu este doar o sala de sport, ci o comunitate de o coeziune ce o remarci inca de la prima lectie. Te simti integrat unei echipe, simti ca ai suport, ca poti lega prietenii.Recomand acest loc tuturor cele ce cauta sa includa in rutina lor ceva semnificativ. Se cere dedicatie si perseverenta, dar daca locuiesti in Bucuresti full-time si esti deschis, activ, jovial si curios, te provoc sa incerci cursurile de Krav Maga cu Sorin Matei! O sa te transforme!(Translated by Google
Octavian Farcasi: The desire to play a contact sport and learn self-defense techniques brought me to the Bukan Krav Maga School. Here I met the instructor Sorin Matei, a man passionate about what he does and eager to help you. He always makes sure that his students learn the techniques correctly, leaving no room for mistakes. The atmosphere in the hall is pleasant and welcoming, based on respect and discipline, qualities that even if you don't have, you will learn along the way. I liked it from the first session and wanted to continue. I recommend with confidence.
Oana S: Have you ever wondered where is the perfect place to practice krav maga?I sure did, and I found an answer to my question.I was looking for a dojo as my son requested and I found Bukan school of Krav Maga Bucharest - Dojo Tineretului and Sorin. One thing led to another and we both ended up barefoot on the tatami.I have found myself in a friendly environment with a supportive community and an excellet teacher, Sorin.He guides us with calm , patience and wisdom not only to learn defense techniques but also to learn discipline, self control and to be aware of our surroundings.Just give it a try and you will discover that you can do more than you thought you could and that you have the ability and strength to overcome your limits.
Adrian Savin: I started attending the Bukan Krav Maga Bucharest Youth School a few months ago, knowing that it is a special place where you can learn special and sometimes unexpected things that you cannot learn anywhere else. And my expectations were more than confirmed. For example in Krav Maga there is a whole school of the fall, with an emphasis on the school. Nowhere and no one in life teaches you a seemingly simple thing, namely how to fall without getting injured. And this can be very useful at any age and in many unforeseen situations.Then in Krav Maga there is a set of principles that can very well take the place of rules of life. For example, the rule that in Krav Maga you do what you can, but try to do it correctly and without shortcuts. Or the idea that mediocrity is your worst personal enemy. Yes, at Krav Maga you also learn many very practical and useful self-defense techniques not only for personal protection but also for those around us, the basic idea being maximum efficiency.Instructor Sorin Matei is a very good teacher of Krav Maga techniques but he is also a personal mentor when things don't go well. It's another thing that matters a lot when you propose to join the Youth Krav Maga school, to participate and learn new things training training training. In short, it's worth a lot, more than you expect at first.
Ioan Starciuc: I came to this school thanks to the reviews and I was very surprised by the pleasant training environment, but also by the small community that was formed.I recommend it for the way the martial arts initiation is done, the pragmatism with which you go through the lessons, for the people and for the organized outings.
Mirela Neculai: I strongly recommend the Krav Maga course from the Youth Dojo, instructor Sorin Matei.The instructor Sorin Matei is excellent, explaining the exercises in detail, he has a lot of patience and the atmosphere is friendly.
Elvira Fuentes-Guerra Toral: La scoala Bukan. Fue mi primer contacto con las artes marciales y desde entonces no he podido parar.Llegaba muy asustada y con serias dudas, pero fue tocar el tatami y ser recibida por la clase y en especial Sorin me hizo sentir tranquila en un instante.Me sorprendió el cuidado que ponían en que todo el mundo comprendiese; más mayores y más jóvenes, chicas y chicos, adaptando las técnicas a las capacidades de cada una.Fueron pocos meses pero enseguida aprendí las bases y mi cuerpo y mi mente se fueron haciendo fuertes.Los compañeros fueron super respetuosos y amables en todo momento, ayudándome a aprender las técnicas lo más rápido posible y el lugar estaba muy accesible y limpio siempre.Las técnicas eran explicadas desde la base, haciendo el aprendizaje progresivo y fácil de aprender. En poco tiempo notas sus resultados.En definitiva recomiendo enormemente a Sorin y su escuela, que consiguieron hacerme sentir fuerte y segura de mi misma en un momento tan importante para mi.Siempre me acordaré de aquellos meses introductorios a las artes marciales y que me han hecho crecer tanto.Realmente uno de los sitios a los que acudir en Bucuresti
Andreea Rosetti: si sala.(Translated by Google
Nicoleta Constantin: , nu dupa ceas, oameni interesanti, povesti frumoase, veselie, activitati recreative, dupa cum permite orarul fiecarui participant - asta am aflat la Scoala Bukan de Krav Maga, dojo-ul din Tineretului. Fiul meu, care avea ceva experienta sportiva, respectiv sapte ani de karate traditional, a descoperit o pasiune pentru krav-maga. Multumim, Sorin Matei ca, atat de firesc, cu atata naturalete si daruire, faci posibil ca lucrurile acestea sa se intample.(Translated by Google
Stefan Filimon: Excellent atmosphere, techniques taught correctly and simply.
Lucian: I recommend! Being a self-defense technique, I think I made the best choice for my daughter. The courses are for all age groups!
Ovidiu Popa: If you want to get to know yourself better, especially from a mental-emotional point of view, I recommend you give the Bukan school a chance. It's a different school, where Sorin, the coach, knows how to gather cool people and make the training sessions so pleasant that you want to come the next day. I discovered this school completely by chance and even to this day it gives me the motivation to move on, to wake up in the morning and be aware of everything that is happening around me. It deserves a try!
Liuba Grecea: An interesting experience. recommend
Cristina Sari: I found the dojo by accident last summer and I can say that it was a wonderful experience that helped me to be calmer and in control of myself. Now I can say that I walk more confidently on the street!I really liked the vibe I found was not just a martial arts class but a family.I can't wait to go back in the summer!
Alexandru Bratu: I initially went to Krav Maga to start a new hobby, but I had more than that by meeting Sorin Matei.From a technical point of view, he is an excellent instructor, with precise explanations and focused on the most important details, in order to learn new techniques as easily as possible.However, the most important is the environment he managed to create with the groups he works with, more precisely a warm, welcoming and friendly one. In addition, various outings are organized quite frequently within the group, to the mountains for hiking, to the sea or in the city for various activities.I recommend with all my heart!^^
Radu: For me, the fact that I discovered Krav Maga and Bukan Youth School was an important step in organizing sports activities. I'm glad I made the choice because at the dojo I met quality people and a pleasant and motivated environment. I like it and it gives me confidence in my own strength, it makes me constantly improve myself. The joy of every success in training makes me want to learn more and follow the example of Sorin the krav maga super trainer! A big surprise was also the extra activities: climbing trips, etc. For me choosing krag maga was the best! Thank you, Sorin! Thank you School Bukan se Krav Maga! I recommend with confidence!
Vlad Bibire: I started the self-defense course with zero expectations. Soon, however, I understood that it was one of the most beneficial decisions I made.Although it was my first contact with a martial art, Sorin from Dojo Tineretului was truly the most patient, indulgent and understanding teacher, something that made me love and take self-defense seriously.Shortly after starting, I noticed that we didn't just have colleagues at the Dojo, but we were a community in every sense, curious about each other, eager to spend time with each other, even if the fields of activity were very diverse.Looking back, I have evolved physically, mentally and spiritually and I realize that if the location of the Dojo were to change, I would still follow Sorin for his proven skills.
Alexandru Cioplea: Krav Maga is a very exciting experience together with Sorin Matei at the Youth dojo. Sorin is an excellent trainer with a deep understanding of self defense techniques. During training, I learned how to defend myself using practical techniques and moves. The atmosphere in the dojo was positive and I felt encouraged to push my limits and learn new skills. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning self defense.

3. Scoala Bukan de Krav Maga - Cip dojo - Sector 5

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Scoala Bukan de Krav Maga - Cip dojo
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Address: Strada Izvor 78, București 030167, Romania

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM Mon

Telephone: +40 735 848 895

Business type: Self defense school

4. Krav Maga Dacians - Sector 2

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Krav Maga Dacians
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Address: Strada Claudiu nr.16, București 021516, Romania

Schedule: Open until 10:30 PM

Telephone: +40 753 224 267

Business type: Self defense school

Krav Maga Dacians: what do users think?
Irina Ungureanu: .- Am imbinat utilul cu placutul; am învățat tehnici de aparare, care mi-au adus un plus de incredere in mine, si in acelasi timp am descoperit un mod plăcut de a elibera furiile acumulate, frustrarile si excesul de energie care uneori poate fi daunator, atât pentru minte cat si pentru corp.- Autocontrolul este un alt aspect pe care mi l-am îmbunătățit cu ajutorul antrenamentelor.- Mi-am descoperit puteri nebănuite:
Amariei Paula: Self defense classes for women, excellent 👍
Pintica Daniel: The instructors and the team are very professional
florin iova: The best
Daniel-Ionut Pintica: The technique and training is very well explained, I recommend it with all confidence.
RBY BBL (JustRobby): Great people and great experience.
Alexandra Visan: I started the self-defense courses at IKMF Krav Maga Dacians more than a year ago, and it was the best decision! The instructors Bogdan and Cristi are very well prepared, they know how to dose the training so that you exceed your limits, but at the same time make them fun. You leave the gym with a better physical condition, but also with more confidence and a different attitude. I think it is important for everyone to learn self-defense techniques, but especially for us women. I recommend with confidence!
alexandru cosbuc-ionescu: I participated in the Krav Maga Dacians Workshop for beginners, for 4 hours on 19.03.2022.It is extremely instructive, with immediate applicability in real life. Various fighting techniques are presented and practically practiced that can save your life, literally.Elements of psychology in conflict situations are also presented.The instructors are great, the explanations adequate, the collaborative and pleasant environment.I will also sign up for the weekly training sessions.
Arteni Tudor: (Translated by Google
Ana Bocaniala: ar trebuie sa detina cel putin bazele in ceea ce priveste autoapararea.Sincer, pentru mine e cea mai buna decizie pe care am luat-o in ultima perioada, ajungand la antrenamentele de la IKMF Krav Maga Dacians, pentru ca nu e doar un sport ce te tine mereu in priza dar e si “terapie”, atentie, rabdare, focus.Instructorii, Bogdan cat si Cristi, sunt extrem de bine pregatiti, sunt profesionisti si intotdeauna dau dovada de o rabdare uimitoare cu elevii atunci cand exersam tehnicile si au grija ca fiecare dintre noi sa executam correct.Atmosfera e incredibila, oamenii super prietenosi si comunicativi (impreuna cu instructorii
Tamara Preduț: Very good instructors. Worth going.
Adrian Vechiu: I like it because we do complex and dynamic training. You keep fit and have fun, exercise self-control and increase self-confidence.
Lorincz Daniela: A few months ago I discovered the IKMF Krav Maga Dacians club and I can confirm that it is addictive. 😊 It's not just a school for self-defense courses, but a community of cool people.The techniques are easily explained and exemplified.The instructors, Bogdan and Cristi, are very well prepared, patient with everyone's level, but demanding and firm when needed, oriented towards the growth and improvement of the students.The training sessions are interactive, you don't have time to get bored during the 90 minutes.Your classmates are another reason to join the club: we train together - men and women, we respect each other, we support each other morally and we learn together.Thank you Bogdan and Cristi for what you do for us!
Luminita Tudor: Positive:Professionalism
Catalin N: , un antrenament interactiv, diferit in fiecare zi si, zic eu, intens. Antrenamentul mi-a intrecut asteptarile.Daca esti o persoana introvertita, don't worry, nu te mananca nimeni, colectivul e foarte prietenos.Recomand sa incerci macar odata!Multumesc Bogdan, multumesc Cristi!(Translated by Google
George Motei: At Dacians, in addition to physical training, you are taught to be calculated in your actions, to trust yourself, to measure possible dangers, to prevent unpleasant situations and how to get out of them.Don't beat yourself up....the mind has no limits.. That's the biggest lesson I learned at Dacians.
popescu andrei: collective functional techniques very ok I recommend 💪🏼
Andrei Lupascu: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
HalfG: etc.Eu am de gand sa continui spre a merge la Krav Maga si asa si voi face, de acum incolo.Recomand maxim Krav Maga Dacians si ii felicit pe cei ce au venit cu ideea de a deschide un asemenea club!(Translated by Google
Iorga Claudiu: Positive:Professionalism,Quality

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